Sunday 17 May 2009

Pashmina Style

Just like the ubiquitous little black dress, pashmina is the
staple in every fashionable woman's closet. In just about every
fundraiser, wedding, gallery opening, evening gala, women brace
the cold using their pashmina. When once this luxurious fabric
was a status symbol by a select few, not virtually every woman
has this distinctive accessory to their urban getup.

Some women are buying multiple shawls at a time, with
embroidery, beading, or the latest fad to hit the town:
graduated color. Women's fashion bibles, such as Redbook,
InStyle, and Vogue have been touting the fabric since forever.
Even Carrie Bradshaw, one of the fashionistas on HBO's now
defunct Sex in the City, have been shot sporting one.

The secret of the pashmina lies in its luxurious feel, its
softness and its warmth. It's also quite versatile and can be
worn in just about any occasion. Pashmina can be also be worn at
any time of the day, whether you simply want to lounge around at
home, or you're watching your kids soccer game, or enjoying a
hot cup of coffee on the lawn. However, although many people are
just dying to adorn one, relatively few really know the tricks
and tips of draping a Pashmina beautifully.

There are basically five different ways of wearing a pashmina.
There's the full shawl wrap style, where we just have to wrap
the pashmina around ourselves. There's also the belt style,
which, as could be deduced from its name, just means wrapping
the shawl around our hips. Third is the Hollywood style, which
includes two differently-colored pashminas. There's also the
pashmina stole and the noose wrap. The noose wrap can be
achieved by folding the shawl lengthwise, while keeping the
folded corner upwards, then by folding it in half along its
width, and finally by placing the folded shawl behind our heads
and pulling the open corner through the loop at the folded end.

So which style is right for you? Here are some handy tips to
keep in mind:

Wearing a shawl or a stole depends on your height, the weather
and your style preference. Generally, if you are less than 5"6,
the shawl is the more recommended choice. It provides a
luxurious, fuller look and more coverage than the stole.
Additionally, while providing the same glamour to your look, the
stole is narrower by about 8 inches, which is the perfect
proportion for petite women. In warmer weather and climates, the
stole is also the must-have accessory for woman under 5'6".
Women over 5"6 may opt to go for the shawl. The shawl is bigger
than the stole at 36 inches by 81, which is just enough fabric
to wrap your frame. The shawl and stole can both be worn as

In the end, no matter which style you go far, just wearing a
pashmina already adds a touch of style and glamour to your look.
Whether the shawl or stole is draped around your body or worn in
style, the pashmina possesses a one-of-a-kind sheen that no
other fabric can match. Indeed, the pashmina is the embodiment
of style, glamour and elegance, and is the must-have apparel in
every woman's attire.

About The Author: I'm not talented at anything that most people
would call art. I do, however, feel very artistic when I can
devise an elegant solution to a tough problem. - I work for a
few fashion firms, specialising in wholesale pashmina.

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