Sunday 17 May 2009

Perfect Foundation

When shopping for you ever at tired of batting through
all the western skin tones that look like camouflage on our
delicate Asian skin? Brush up on these foundation fundamentals
and you can't go wrong.

1. If you have porcelain-colored skin you should try a
foundation with a slightly pink cast; all others skin shade
should stick to yellow-toned formulas.

2. Test the foundation on the inside of your wrist, or have a
beauty adviser apply it to a make-free jaw line. you want a
colour that seems to disappear, while it evens out your
complexion and camouflages imperfections.

3. Choose a powder shade that harmonises with your skin
tone.For most Asian complexions this means a yellow-toned shade,
except for really pale beauties, who may do better with a
translucent or a pale beige shade with a pink cast.

4. Add contour to your face with a hint of blush.Look for
shades in pale bronze subtle pink or soft apricot.

5. Apply a couple dots of each color on areas of your jawline
(the inner wrist or hand aren't the best spots, contrary to
popular belief).

6. Take a good, long look -- near a window. Ask to borrow a
hand mirror and stand near a doorway, or step outside, to see
which foundation looks best in the natural light. The right
shade is one that you can't see because it blends in so well. If
you are purchasing from a drugstore, take a couple bottles to a
doorway, hold them up to your neck and see which one matches the


* Drier skin will benefit from a creamier foundation, and those
with oilier skin should stick to a water-based liquid foundation
and oil-free powder.

* Sensitive skin Those with allergy-prone skins needn't worry
about finding coverage. Look for those which are free of
perfume, chemical dyes and preservatives.

* Normal-combination skin A sheer base with sunscreen is the
easy way to cover blemishes and protect yourself from the
sun.Try Jelly Pong Pong's Teint Sublime, a complexion-cheater
souffle to neutralize and colour-correct. Each of the five
shades has a different job.

* Skip foundation if you're blessed with flawless skin -- wear
a tinted moisturizer instead.

* Try the color out on your jawline, not your wrist or hand

* Remember to stand in a doorway or outside to see if the color

* Believe it or not, today foundation is totally optional. It's
healthier for your skin NOT to wear foundation daily. If you
have blemishes or pimples, try strategically placed concealer
instead. Or just wear the foundation on the parts that need it
most, likely around your nose & eyes & on your chin. Just make
sure to blend properly.

* Go for different looks for evening and day. A light
foundation is perfect for work or weekend. While a sexy shimmer
is great for evening.

* A foundation with sunscreen is a safe bet, but you will still
need to wear sunscreen under your foundation. Also considering
skipping foundation & opting for a tinted moisturizer instead.

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