Tuesday 21 July 2009

Top 5 Summer Style Sins For Women Over 40

With the warm weather here you're probably feeling relaxed and
casual and it's easy to get sloppy and let your summer style
slide. Are YOU guilty of any of these top 5 Summer Style Sins?
Let the Glam Gals guide you to a comfortable yet chic summer

1.Capri pants with socks and running shoes.

Capris are a cute sassy way to show off your lower legs. While
they do tend to make your leg look a little shorter because they
stop at the calf, they can be balanced out by wearing a lovely
kitten heel sandal or low wedge in the same color as your
capris. Beware of wearing capris with socks and running shoes!
This is a lethal combination that makes you look short, fat and
frumpy. If you need practicality and comfort, then try a
cushioned flip-flop with your capris or wear shorts instead with
running shoes for sporty look.

2.Crazy Crocs.

Comfortable, fun, but keep your crocks at home. Crocks were
originally garden shoes and we think that's where they need to
stay. Wear them around the garden, the pool, the seaside or
cottage, but don't wear them out grocery shopping or to a movie
or anywhere else. These brightly colored, rubber shoes are a fad
and scream childish. Do you really want to look like a kid when
you are a grown woman?

3.Nude hose with sandals.

If you want to wear open toed shoes and are tempted to wear even
the sheerest of hose with them, stop right there. Remember,
nothing look tackier than this fashion faux pas. Many women are
hesitant to use self-tanners because they are worried about
having orange legs, but let us assure you that they have come a
long way and give a subtle and beautiful result.

4.Short Shorts.

Who wears short shorts? Not women over 40 unless you've been
digging things out of your teenage daughter's closet to wear.
Short shorts (especially cut off jean shorts) that let it all
hang out are tacky and cheap outside of your own backyard. Save
them for sun tanning and try an above the knee cotton skirt or
walking short for going out.

5.Visible Pockets.

One of the freshest looks for summer is a pair of crisp white
pants. But beware if those pants come with big visible pockets.
That's all anyone will notice! When shopping for a pair of new
white pants, take note if the pockets are taking center stage.
If you must buy new white pants made of lightweight or sheer
fabric make sure to take the time to have the pockets taken out
by a professional seamstress for a much cleaner look.

Women over forty can look stylish and sexy even during the warm
and casual summer season by avoiding these top five 5 summer
style sins.

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