Sunday 7 October 2012

Apis skin care cream on rise in Brazil's beauty industry

Brazil's Apis skin care cream has become a popular new product due to both its beneficial effects and its reasonable price.
Brazilian researchers found that apisin, a compound extracted from bees, can help prevent wrinkles and help with skin resilience by neutralizing free radicals in the human body and enhancing the production of collagen. Apisin works in a similar fashion to Botulinum toxin, a protein and neurotoxin that is best known by its generic name, Botox.
However, a 30-gram bottle of Apis skin care cream only costs 55 reals (about 26 U.S. dollars), which is much cheaper than Botox, said Mariza, a Brazilian skin care researcher.
A total of 500 bees are needed to produce a jar of Apis skin care cream, but researchers use electric shocks to collect apisin so that the bees will not die from discharging the compound.
"We put a device in front of the beehive and switch on a small electric current, it won't kill the bees. The bees get a shock and discharge apisin when they fall onto the device, beekeepers then collect the liquid apisin on the glass board for further processing in the lab," said Mariza.
Apis skin care creams are now very popular in Brazil, with many users saying they see improvements in their skin after as little as one week of use.
With continued success, Apis skin care cream may come to rival Botox for dominance in the skin care industry.
SOURCE: China Central Television (CCTV)

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