Sunday 17 May 2009

A Diamond Solitaire Ring For Engagement

Many couples believe the rings signify eternal love and the
unbreakable bond of marriage that's why more and more people are
being meticulous about it. Of all the kinds of wedding and
engagement rings available in the market today, one of the most
popular and in demand is the timeless diamond solitaire
engagement ring because of its timeless and classic appeal. Most
women also agree that the simplicity and elegance of the diamond
solitaire ring can complement any existing fashion sense out

Shopping for that diamond solitaire engagement ring can be
quite an adventure/misadventure if you don't gear up for it.
Here are some important details you must bear in mind to lessen
the stress during that diamond solitaire engagement ring hunting

1. List down what are the things you're looking for your
diamond solitaire engagement ring. Jotting down preferred cut,
shape, metal, and cost can help you find that perfect diamond
solitaire engagement ring for your fiancée.

2. Surf the net for the latest trends in diamond solitaire
engagement ring designs. This kind of ring comes many different
beautiful styles, textures, shapes, and colors. Searching for
different web sites in the Internet that feature such product
will help you determine which ones are valuable. You might even
buy online because countless unique collections of every diamond
solitaire engagement ring out in the market are also featured

3. Since the solitaire ring will exalt the magnificence of the
diamond itself, you should examine the stone closely. If you're
on a limited budget, you can purchase the best stone your money
can afford and just choose a mount—metal—that is less expensive.

4. Consider the size of the diamond. Make sure that stone size
of the diamond should reciprocate the size of the bride. As a
general rule, petite woman should wear smaller stones than those
full-figured women.

5. Be creative and imaginative. A diamond solitaire engagement
ring itself is a traditional style but you can be creative and
imaginative about it by experimenting in the shape of the stone
and the color of the setting.

6. Consider the cut you prefer. Aside from the size of the
diamond stone, the cut or shape of your diamond solitaire
engagement ring can set it apart from the rest. The safest and
most common cuts are round but you can also opt for princess
solitaire or square cut stone, modern heart shape, pear or tear
drop shape, oval shape, marquise shape, emerald cut, radiant
shape, and asscher shape based on your personal taste.

7. After choosing your stone and its shape, decide on the
setting or the metal you want to use. Gold—either white or
yellow—is the most common options but you can also choose
platinum if you want to be different. The setting can be a
four-prong setting that shows off the stone while the six-prong
setting offers more of a security advantage.

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