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The jewelry we wear defines us, our personality and creates the
kind of character we want to project whether it is at work, for
formal wear or casual; therefore, most of us put a lot of
thought when purchasing any piece of jewelry especially if you
are planning on wearing it often. When in doubt what to choose
to fit your personality or when looking for an important piece
of jewelry that you know you will wear everyday for the rest of
your life such as an engagement ring, you need to go with what
is classic and eternal.

Chanel jewelry has always created its products in mind with
tomorrow, whether it is cosmetics, clothes or jewelry and that
is the only reason why it is one of the most famous designers in
the world.

The Chanel History

The first Chanel store was opened in 1910 and was offering only
ladies wear, however, their dedication and talent soon received
its much deserved success and by 1926 it become world famous by
creating `the little black dress'. Chanel jewelry was not
created until mid 1900s along with watches. For over 50 years
Chanel jewelry has offered its clients only the most unique,
elegant and classic pieces that you can ever imagine; simple,
eternal and sophisticated no matter what you wore with it or for
which occasion.

Shopping For Channel Jewelry

Because Chanel jewelry is world famous and extremely on demand
in every single part of the world shopping for it should only be
done at authorized dealers or their own stores as unfortunately
there are many Chanel jewelry fakes on the market today.
However, the easy way to tell the real Chanel jewelry from the
fake is to look for the companies logo, which is are two `C's'
back to back crossing each other. Also, it is very important you
obtain a written certificate of authenticity on purchase, which
will carry all the details of the jewelry purchased, its value
and the stamp of the House of Chanel.

Investing in Chanel jewelry is always wise because they use
only the highest quality gemstones and precious materials, which
almost never loose their value but along the years as the item
will stop from being manufactured anymore, can double or even
triple in price. Log on Chanel's official website and enjoy
their new jewelry collection called `Dual' made in order to
reflect only two colors: black and white.

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