Saturday 16 May 2009

Old World Elegance Takes The Design World By Storm

Interior design in the United States changes with the trends,
but Old World elegance seems to be here to stay. One of the
hottest trends in interior design is the majestic simplicity of
authentic Chinese furniture. Some of the most cherished Chinese
furniture is inspired by the Ming dynasty era and Tealan's
custom gallery is filled with elegant, graceful pieces that
depict that era in history.

The Ming dynasty reigned in China from 1368-1644. The furniture
that bears the name, however, refers to the furniture that was
built after the Ming dynasty, from 1644 – 1911. The Ming dynasty
furniture gets its beauty from its simple lines and unique

During this time in history, those in the upper class circles
considered fancy decorative ornamentation vulgar and such
opulence was minimal in the furniture of the era. Mainly the
ruling class of citizenry owned most of the classical furniture
of the time. Great education was the key to obtaining a job
within the government and one of the great benefits of working
for the ruling powers was the immense wealth that came with
these positions. Owning an abundance of beautiful household
furnishings was a symbol of this status and power. As the
merchant class began to grow wealthy, the demand for this
stunning furniture grew. Individuals become personally involved
in the design of the furniture they purchased and often had
pieces custom made. Often, the buyer rather than the woodworker
created the design of the furniture they ordered, so each piece
has unique lines and beauty.

Western collectors have been acquiring Ming dynasty furniture
since the 18th century, but there has been a renewed interest
from American dealers since the 20th century. The classical
furniture of this period has been a prevailing interest of
interior designers since the 1990s. This exquisitely functional
furniture is as much at home in contemporary American décor as
it was in the homes of the Old World Chinese elite who first
commissioned it. The clean lines and rich finishes will enhance
any room in your home.

The furniture style from the Ming dynasty is known and
appreciated for its gently curved lines and simple elegance. No
mater what your home décor is now, you will find a piece within
out collection that will complement your home. Whether you are
hunting for just the right table or perhaps a sideboard or
trunk, you will find it in our gallery at a price that will
pleasantly surprise you.

At, you will find an extensive collection of
both antique Chinese furniture and custom classical Chinese
furniture. Our impressive gallery of treasures inspired by the
Ming dynasty style features excellent photography that captures
the true beauty of our furniture that is constructed from
authentic reclaimed elm wood from China. Every piece of our
furniture is handcrafted in Shanghai by master artisans with
generations of skill and technique. This meticulous attention to
detail results in reproductions of antique Chinese furniture
that is the highest quality you can find. Our designers are
happy to work with you to create the masterpiece you deserve.
Our desire is to help you find the perfect piece for your
interior designing needs and we are happy to answer all of your
questions about our products. We are confident that we can help
you find the perfect furniture and accessories for your home or

About The Author: Robin White, Design Consultant, invites you
to experience the simple elegance of Fine
furniture and architectural elements cross the boundaries of
time, fitting beautifully into any space.

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