Saturday 27 February 2010

A Quick Guide To White Wine

White wine is the lighter, simpler opposite number of red
wine, though it is no less dignified as a drink. White wine
is actually straw-like in colour, as a result of the colours
of the grapes from which they are fermented, and if those
grapes are purplish, by removing the outer coverings prior
to fermentation. The liquid that forms the wine is treated
with yeast for a variable length of time. The yeast
treatment can be halted in the middle to form sparkling or
sweet wine, or brought to its final stage to make a dry
wine. When fermentation is ended, the wine will be filtered,
and then aged in vats for between one week to one year. In
the end, the wine is steadied and treated before it gets
poured into bottles.

White wines make fine beverages for more casual meals. This
is because of their quality of being more revitalizing and
less heavy in one's mouth than most red wines.
Traditionally, white wines are paired with light dishes like
cheeses and fish and consumed at temperatures of around 45 to
50 degrees F, which is relatively chilly. Because white wines
are relatively light, they achieve fuller potential from
being drunk in thinner glasses.

White wines also come from plenty of different regions
across the globe, each of which has created its own original
blends of wines. Chardonnay is one of the most popular types
of wine grapes, cultivated plentifully in most wine-making
regions. Chardonnay white wines are fairly rich and sport
medium to high levels of acidity. Chenin Blanc, which hails
from the Loire Valley of France, can also be discovered in
many areas of California. Chenin Blanc white wines have
higher than average acidity, and are generally flavored with
hints of fruit. Gerwurztraminer may be hard to pronounce, but
turns into a delightful wine from frostier climates. The name
literally means "spicy", which is an apt adjective to explain
this wine's sharp acidity and potent taste. Pinot Grigio is
Italy's most renowned white wine, also harvested in France,
and called Pinot Gris when grown in the United States.
Riesling is a fantastic wine from Germany that has developed
an undeservedly bad reputation because of the spreading of
lackluster wines being presented as Rieslings.

White wine may be daunting at the beginning, but hopefully
this knowledge will clear up some of the confusion and lead
to your enjoyment of various whites.

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