Friday 25 June 2010

Fashion Photography - Getting Started

Fashion photography is the art of capturing the aesthetics of
an unlikely collaboration of clothing, style or location.
This type of photography is often the onset of a variety of
trends. Many of the photos are used in magazines to display
the type of look that is in style at a particular moment in
time. The readers of these magazines look for the
photography to get inspiration on the type of trendy
clothing they should shop for. Big-name department stores
and other smaller clothing stores use this type of
photography to merchandise for each season.

Receiving solid training in fashion photography is the first
step in the career path. There are several schools that have
been designed specifically for fashion photography training.
Most of these schools are selective and choose to only accept
those that fit in with their philosophy. These schools look
for applicants who already possess: a unique fashion sense,
a great artistic imagination and is well versed in all types
of fashion. The fashion capitals of the world such as Milan,
Paris, Los Angeles and New York were all previously
notorious for educating many fashion photographers. Today,
within the wonderful world of technology, training can be
completed anywhere across the world, as well as on the

Fashion photography workshops are also offered at many of
the fashion institutes.  Finding a professional freelance
photographer who is offering workshops is also a very
effective way to get some training.

After attaining a good education, photographers focus on
breaking into the fashion photography industry. Not many
photographer are ready to start their own business at this
point. Only a few choose this route because a self-owned
business can be difficult to start. This is partly because
most companies seek well-established photographers over
amateurs to supply them with the photographs or shoot their
fashion campaigns. Most photographers opt to work under
experienced veteran photographers at first. This will give
the photographer more credibility in the fashion world.
After working for many of the major fashion conglomerates
under the established photographer, the new photographer
would normally be able to branch off and start their own

Eventually after building a portfolio and a reputation,a
photographer can become established the fashion photography
industry.  An experienced fashion photographer is in high
demand in the fashion world. This photographer has worked
with many of the most powerful clients in the fashion
industry. This photographer has also created many successful
campaigns, generating revenue, for these high-fashion
clients. The established professional always has work and
never has to worry about searching for new opportunities.
For the experienced Fashion Photographer, earnings could be
very high based on their portfolio.

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