Wednesday 20 May 2009

Are Women Thinkers, Leaders or Dreamers?

The door clicks softly and the latch of inhibition opens. A
woman lands on the outskirts of her being and she wonders if she
is dreaming. She has been warned of the consequences. Her inner
soul reminds her that she must fight regardless of the outcome.
Will her crafted plan be met by the drooling fangs of life
intrusion? "I am from the Intelligible World," she whispers. The
earth pauses and a woman begins to breathe.

Women are from the Intelligible World whether it is as
thinkers, dreamers or leaders. A woman's judgment of value
possesses clarity and is significant in supernatural visions, in
a stranger's handshake, in all occupations and in pages of her
intuitive self. A fragment of time flits across her vision and
she becomes a transcontinental force of where things are going
and the terms of her reality.

A woman trusts in the terms she sets as a dreamer. The elusive
inspirer, a woman represents a moving dream. Her transcendence
into her indescribable power is the witness of her presence yet
is also her carved figure. A woman's dreams are her reflective
surface. When she dreams she takes on a new function. When she
dreams she becomes an interpreter. When she dreams she becomes a
thinker. But when she thinks does she also become a dreamer?

As dreamers women examine the logic of their dreams and as
thinkers they examine the clarity of their thinking. As thinkers
women are constantly aware of their possibilities. A woman
dreams of the perfect kiss and then thinks about her dream and
explores the fascination of it in her thoughts. A woman is so in
tune with her thoughts, that she has the power to see life
through her mind. It is in this way that a woman can see her
possibilities before they become evident.

A woman has a plan to make it work. Always on the edge of
debate she will blast out of her fearful state of mind if it is
only for a moment to be among life's valued attendees. A
descendent of humankind yet hardly heard from, she realizes she
has waited long enough to enter her life. Is this a terrifying
close encounter of a dreamer, a thinker or a leader? From the
book of surprised recognition this is a terrifying close
encounter of a woman's pushed away self.

For centuries the earth has stared past a woman's leadership
role and scoffed at her so-so ideas. Plagued by a planet closing
its shutters on their dreams, women watched eternity pass them
by. Until one day the dreamer broke free and expressed itself in
meshes of projection. Viewed from a skeptical world, a woman in
silvery overalls climbed from the latch of inhibition. She stood
near her craft called "Intelligent Life" for a few moments and
then disappeared leaving only her footprints in her thoughts.

Women have landed on a planet with an eccentric belief system.
It will remain a mystery as to who rescued her from her humdrum
existence but as the story goes womankind was stranded on a
far-off planet of pre-conceived notions. Was this planet Earth
and is it still only second's away?

Life Questions: Are pre-conceived notions ever truly erased
from one's mind? Is a woman's protector her pushed away self?
The latch of inhibition closes. This is one woman's

About The Author: Dana Dorfman's real-time interactive writing
transcends the existence of paper and ink. The adrenaline rush
of her words articulates moments so effectively the reader
becomes an "experiencer." We don't read her pages, we leave our
footprints in them. "Felt experience" enhances lives by learning
to feel contentment in present moments. For more, visit:

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