Wednesday 20 May 2009

Out Shopping For The Right Bra?

Are you wearing the right bra size?

In a 21st Century full of technological advances within the bra
industry it's hard to imagine that 8 out of 10 women still wear
bras that do not correctly fit. The important thing to consider
when you go to shopping centres in the UK is, do you know
whether your bra fits you correctly and does it really matter
all that much if it doesn't?

The most common reason many women do not wear the right bra
size may simply be because they do not know how to choose the
right bra size, type or cup or feel uncomfortable about being
measured and have therefore have never been measured properly by
a trained lingerie specialist. Hence women are suffering in
silence with ill fitting bras.

There are of course aesthetic effects of wearing an ill fitting
bra. If the chest size of a bra is wrong then the bra band will
either appear too tight or too loose and as a result will feel
uncomfortable. When the bra band is too tight it tends to force
in the rib cage, or too loose and it will ride up. Too petite in
the cup and the breasts will be squashed and possibly end up
bulging at the sides. Too large and the material of the bra will
pucker and look obvious under your clothes.

Aside from the potential embarrassment of wearing an ill
fitting bra, there are also health problems to take into
account. Wearing the right bra is particularly important when
playing sport and can help prevent injury of the breast tissue.
It is also important for the posture of larger breasted women.
Back problems and muscle tension can occur as a result of not
wearing a correctly fitted bra. In the long term if your breasts
do not get the support they need from a bra then they will start
to droop and sag which is the last thing any woman wants!

It is quite easy to get an indication of whether you need to
replace your bra if you see any signs of the following;
slouching, boobs swinging, straps falling or red marks on your
shoulders or back caused by your bra.

Finding the right size bra for you does not have to be
difficult. Many shopping centres in the UK actually offer a free
bra fitting service and staff are trained to find the ideal fit
for you.

They can also help you with the style of bra to choose. Whilst
you may prefer the softness of cotton or the support of an
underwire bra, a lingerie specialist can help you find a bra to
suit you and your requirements.

If you enjoy a lot of physical activity and sports then it is
recommended that you invest in a sports bra. Designed to provide
flexibility and support, the sports bra fabric keeps sweat and
moisture at bay on the outside. Larger breasted women should
ideally opt for a bra with both wide back and shoulder straps in
order to get maximum support. A full cup is preferable to a half
cup for coverage and aids in shaping the breast. Again an
underwire bra will help with providing additional support.

For the smaller ladies out there, a balcony type bra gives the
appearance of cleavage and padding at the sides and beneath the
bust is a definite must!

Remember that most shopping centres in the UK have bra fitting
experts that can help you!! So don't continue on in discomfort -
even if you are not sure if your bra is the wrong size as it is
always worth double checking. Finally go for a bra that above
all offers comfort.

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