Wednesday 2 June 2010

Using Your Honeymoon Lingerie in a Timely Fashion

Many couples have to struggle between balancing traditional
expectations and their physical capabilities. For those
couples who are consummating their love on the eve of the
marriage, it can be tense. Honeymoon lingerie plays a great
part in creating the proper mood and allowing for the best
arousal no matter how exhausted and stressed you both might
be from the wedding.

Couples who are consummating and couples, who have already
consummated prior to the marriage, both face whether to have
that special moment the night of the wedding of the morning
after. Naturally it is expected that they act the night of
the wedding, but physically they may not be ready. If you
choose to go ahead with the wedding night, then you are
faced with the tricky situation of when and how to
incorporate the honeymoon lingerie. Some brides actually
wear it as part of their dresses, assuming it fits with the
style, though this option is acutely uncomfortable after a
while. Brides can sneak away near the end of the reception
and put it on under the dress with the help of close friends
and family so that once back at the hotel, the dress can
simply be peeled away to reveal the bridal honeymoon

If neither of those options is feasible another option is to
change privately from the wedding dress to the honeymoon
lingerie once you are back at your hotel room or suite. To
make this moment a smoother transition, lots of women will
put on white robes over their honeymoon lingerie so that
they are covered upon exiting the bathroom or powder room
and can reveal what is underneath at their leisure.

If you are traveling immediately after the wedding, the
wedding night might not be possible. If this is the case,
another option is to wait until the following morning.
However, the next morning is just as logistically difficult
as the night of. You are faced with what to wear to bed if
there is no travel involved, when/how to change into the
honeymoon lingerie that you so carefully selected without it
being awkward. To solve these problems, you can have a bridal
teddy as part of your honeymoon lingerie. You can wear it to
bed and in the morning, wake refreshed already in your
honeymoon lingerie. You can always wake early and sneak
away, then return to wake your husband in your ensemble if
the surprise effect is what you are seeking.

Whether you decide on the night of the wedding or the
morning after, you will always be able to make time to make
the transition to the honeymoon lingerie. Your now-husband
will appreciate you no matter when or how you make the clean
change into your new outfit specially made for the occasion.

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