Tuesday 30 March 2010

Skincare for teens

Adolescence is an exciting, if turbulent phase in life,
characterised by enormous physical and psychological
changes. During this time, acne is a common problem; in
severe cases, it can even be traumatising. As a teen, you
cannot help your changing hormones that are one of the main
causes of skin problems. However, you can definitely adopt a
sensible skin care regime to prevent or minimise pimples and
blemishes, and keep your skin healthy.

Here is the low down on teenage skincare:

1. The moisturiser, blush and foundation that you use should
be oil-free so that they don't cause blocked pores. If you're
prone to acne outbreaks, do consult a dermatologist about the
kind of products that would suit your skin type.

2. Never touch, pinch or pick at pimples and spots because
these can turn into acne scars.

3. Cleanse your face every night before you go to bed with a
gentle cleanser and toner.

4. Facial skin is delicate - whether you're using a face
scrub, a bar of soap or an exfoliating gel, rub it in with
gentle strokes onto your face and rinse off with cool water.

5. While a tan looks cool, the sun's UV rays can damage your
skin and cause premature aging. It's best to protect your
skin with a sunscreen cream (SPF 30 or more). If you're on
acne medication, sun block cream is a must-have in your
beauty kit, since such medication could make your skin more
susceptible to sunburns. Don't forget to apply your
sunscreen cream about half an hour before stepping out to
school or the beach. Also, when the sun is at its peak, you
might want to stay indoors, away from the scorching rays.

6. Shaving will be a new experience for teenage boys - be
careful with that razor! Pick a razor you're comfortable
with and avoid nicking any blemishes or pimples.

7. A balanced diet containing fresh fruits and vegetables,
helps to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Go easy on the
grease and junk foods, however tempting these may be!

8. Six to eight glasses of water a day will help flush out
toxins from your body.

9. Try not to fret too much about your skin. Bad temper is
certain to reflect on the state of your complexion.

And if you do all of the above and those annoying zits still
persist - take consolation in the knowledge that that too
will pass. When you grow older and your hormone levels
stabilise, your complexion should improve.

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