Thursday 25 March 2010

Lingerie Bags: Transporting Your Delicate Undergarments

Lingerie Bags are Laundry Bags specifically designed for the
transport of lingerie laundry, whether downstairs to the
basement of your house or down the block to the laundromat
in your neighborhood. They come in many colors and styles,
such as those with drawstrings and those without, and in
demure fine white or see-through mesh. Lingerie bags, like
almost all laundry bags, are found in many different
materials, like nylon or cotton, and can even serve purposes
other than simple laundry. Nylon lingerie bags are
inexpensive and can be rather strong, which means they may
even be used for the carrying of anything and everything.
Nylon can also be engineered to feel silky soft, a
particularly fitting characteristic for lingerie bags.
Those made of cotton can also feel soft and delicate to the
touch, of course, but not with the same silky smoothness,
nor with that sexy silky sheen.

While most laundry bags are of multiple applications,
lingerie bags are probably best left to the simple holding
and transport of delicate undergarments. Again, it all
depends on how things were engineered - nylon can be quite
soft and vulnerable, as in silk-like nylon stockings,
whereas cotton can be woven extra thick and tough, as they
were in the old days before the invention of nylon fabric.
But generally speaking, cotton is a very soft material, and
though constructed tougher than clothing-grade fabric,
cotton used for laundry and lingerie bags can still be much
more susceptible to rips and tears during heavy duty
applications - such as that aforementioned transport of
anything and everything.

In any event, there is one exception to the general
principle that lingerie bags are best left to laundering
duties, and this is the various arts and crafts applications
to which they may be applied. It all depends on your own
ingenuity, your own imagination and creativity. With just a
few careful alterations here and there, such bags can even
become Halloween and Purim costumes! Or a simple sock
puppet or two. Some lingerie bags are even accordion-shaped
- great for lots of unconventional uses.

While these ideas may be amusing, they really can work if
you have the right tools to work with. And, of course, it
boils down to your own imagination in the end. Of course,
you can just leave the laundry bags alone and employ them
only for the one obvious thing! But why shouldn't they
multitask like everything else in the 21st Century? ;-)

About the Author:

Article written by Paul Wise. After extensive research Paul
recommends for affordable, high
quality Lingerie Bags.

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