Tuesday 7 July 2009

Pierre Balmain - His Designs And Scents

Born Pierre-Alexandre-Claudius Balmain in St. Jean de Maurienne
in 1914. Pierre Balmain started his creation in 1945. His early
training started with Molyneux and Lucien Lelong, this lead to
the opening of his own Haute Couture house following the war in
autumn 1945. He also created one of his best-selling perfumes
called, Vent Vent in 1947 with Jolie Madame from 1953, and
Ivoire in 1979. Pierre was known for sophistication and elegance
and always was found quoted saying, "dressmaking is the
architecture of movement", thus making his mission, which was to
beautify the world - like an architect.

He studied architecture at the Ecole Nationale Supèrieure des
Beaux-Arts in Paris from 1933 - 1934. Balmain did military
service in the French Air Force and the French Army Pioneer
Corps - from 1936 - 1940. Today the name Pierre Balmain radiates
a unique concept of elegance, a clientele ranging from royalty
being the Duchess of Windsor, the Queen of Belgium to many movie
stars of the 1950's and a familiar link throughout the world. It
was written that "A dress is to once more become a thing of
beauty, to express elegance and grace." It was Pierre Balmain's
belief that "nothing is more important in a dress than its
construction". His belief in creation of dresses was that
ornamentation was for the sake of making a garment amazing and
at one time offended the US press saying that Seventh Avenue
fashion was "vulgar".

Balmains' believed that fashion should be cherished in an
elegant appearance and should posses a sophisticated style.
Simplicity was what Balmain strived for and always kept to the
basic principals of fashion in the sense that one will always be
in accord with the latest fashion trends without falling prey to
them. His basic daywear was slim and eveningwear was being
full-skirted. Trim was used all the way through his creations
and he will always be remembered for his delicate use of
embroidered fabrics for evening wear.

After his death on the 29th June 1982, the Pierre Balmain range
was passed to his personal assistant since 1951 and closest
collaborator Erik Mortensen. Erik made sure that the Balmain
house traditions were been updated in style and design.

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