Sunday 18 October 2009

Do 100% Organic Skin Care Products Exist?

Organic Products - The Present Scenario

"Going Organic" seems to be the new buzzword. Whether its
Hollywood celebrities or The National Geographic, everyone
is talking about how to go green and switch to organic
products. So, while you are browsing the endless brands of
lotions and creams on the supermarket shelf, you choose
only the ones that say 'organic' or 'natural.' You go home
in peace thinking you did your job, you choose right and
you have nothing to worry about. Right? Well, we suggest,
think again. Hundreds of organic skin care products are
flooding the global skin care market every day. The
credibility definitely becomes questionable.

The Organic Catch

Many of us become the target to the shrewd marketing
gimmicks of skincare products manufacturing companies that
mislead consumers by claiming to be organic, while the
truth is harshly far from it. Most skin care products that
declare themselves as being Organic, in reality may merely
have a few organic ingredients blended with preservatives
and chemical agents. Unfortunately, the loophole is in the
system, since there is no rule what so ever, restricting
companies from labeling their products as 'Natural' or

Organic Skin Care Products - The Concept

The basic difference between an ordinary skincare product
and an organic skincare product is that the organic
products are made with organically grown ingredients.
Therefore, unlike conventionally cultivated materials,
which are exposed to harmful chemical fertilizers and
pesticides, organically grown materials are toxin free.

Organic Skin Care Products - Some Facts

When a skin care product is certified as 'Organic,' it
generally contains 95% organic ingredients and 5% of
inorganic materials, which belong to an approved National

When a product is certified as 'Made from Organic
Ingredients,' it means it contains only 70% of organic
ingredients and the other 30% contains inorganic materials
from the approved National List.

Organic Purchase - The Pre-requisites

Taking into consideration all the facts it can be said that
100% pure organic products may not really exist. Still, we
can definitely find the next best things for us. A few
things to keep in mind before buying any organic products:

Read the Ingredients Carefully - If you cannot even
pronounce a chemical's name, it maybe that it should not be
there. If you are unsure about the ingredients, browse
through the internet to find more information on them. Fact
sheets on most chemicals can be found easily, online.

No Additives - True organic products should not contain any
artificial colors, synthetic dyes, artificial fragrances,
or preservatives.

Check Certification - Check for USDA (United States
Departments of Agriculture) seal or ACO (Australian
Certified Organic) logo on the products.

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