Thursday 28 May 2009

What Is Really Fashionable?

The fashion industry offers a wide range of original and new
ideas these days. The choice of so wide that most people don't
even know what to choose. There's an exceptionally big number
of unexpected and extravagant solutions for young people,
whereas there's a real shortage of interesting and appealing
ideas for middle aged and/or unconventionally built people.
There are no bad looking people, really, and it is possible to
find the best flattering solution for every figure. However,
this requires a good deal of imagination and logic as sexy
models in their exaggerated erotic poses look good in the

Having had a look at what suggestions come from the fashion
masters we are often left wondering what's really fashionable
and where's the logic in one or another design. Half naked
middle aged ladies covered in lavish jewelry and thus
exhibiting their financial dependence look ridiculous. They
obviously don't understand that one cannot go back in time
despite impeccably filed nails and incredibly expensive
make-up… even cosmetic surgery is helpless.

All of this implies that such ladies spend a lot of time on
their appearance and possibly not enough on their personality,
which is the biggest treasure really and which has the power to
either attract or repel others. We can confidently state that
the person's appearance, just like that of a sculpture, has to
be related not only to their figure, but to the inner,
psychological and intellectual reality. Considering everyone's
individual and unique character, it is hard to find the optimal
look. However, combining different silhouettes, details and
always focusing on the main needs of the human body one can
find very good solutions for many, including people of the so
called `imperfect shapes'.

There's a good reason why classical ideas are still and always
there. It's because they combine comfort and elegance. This
doesn't mean that most unconventionally built people want and
should be conventional. It is especially hard to find a piece
of clothing for people who have bodily defects. The fashion
industry does not really cater for them. Working with beautiful
people is, if course, a lot nicer… and a lot easier as a
beautiful body conceals the defects of a design. Considering
the growing overproduction we are very likely to see more and
more people of different ages and shapes on the podium.

About The Author: Eva Vasi - flax clothing designer for

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