Sunday 18 October 2009

Best Over The Counter Night Cream - Exposed!

Are you sick and tired of waking up with parched skin
begging for natural repair or moisturization? Then its high
time you switch from your old ineffective skin care
products to the best over the counter night cream suited
for your skin type, and let the nourishing action of new
exciting, & cutting edge substances of the moisturizing
cream work while you sleep.

Let me tell you a quick story about how I came to realize
the benefits of a good cream not just for the face but down
to the neck area. Bad skin on these parts can make you look
really ugly and wrinkled before your time.

A female boss of mine is a commercial model and she still
looks ravishing even in her late 40s. She advised me to
compare night creams and invest on one to counteract my
skin's exposure to the elements. Even though I was in my
late 20's when she told me this, I heeded her advice. It
turned out to be one of the best beauty tips I have ever

Friends, acquaintances, and relatives all say I look
younger than my biological age, and I attribute it not just
to a happy disposition in life, adequate sleep and stress
management but to sound beauty advice. I also learned to
check out the feel-good ingredients and anti-aging
abilities of the revolutionary products, tested a few skin
repair products under distinctive brand names, and learned
the merits of quality natural finds.

It is usually not enough to rely on brands alone (though
certain brands live up to their touted benefits), or the
celebrity endorsing the best day and night cream. Before
you compare night creams, look for products that has the
thumbs-up from dermatologists and buying that one may be
better due to the stamp of approval and trust on the
product quality and effectivity.

You may also rely on trial and error until you've stumbled
into the perfect product - one that supplies moisture,
soothes & refreshes, boosts collagen & elastin production
and enhances your complexion.

Using a night cream ought to be a part of any woman's daily
skin care regimen, especially when she reaches her 30s and
when there is wisdom in prevention. Busy working women who
travel to countries with cold climates, work late nights
and deprive themselves of sleep, and constantly smoke and
drink alcohol stand to develop premature wrinkles and age
spots more than those who have healthier lifestyle habits.

Dull, uneven and patchy skin can make people look tired and
old, and creams with vital hydrating ingredients emerge as
the best defense against free radical damage. Free radicals
-- things continually discussed in beauty & health online
sites, magazines, and books - refer to oxygen-based
scavengers easily wending their way in bodies deprived of
sleep and essential nutrients.

Compare night creams to find the best solution to ward off
free radicals, and find out how antioxidants work in
strengthening the body internally and externally in order
to protect cells from oxidative damage leading to premature
aging and disease. When overwhelmed with so many options,
go for one with naturally derived ingredients that suit
sensitive, combination, or all skin types.

Look for ingredients that sound good enough to eat, like
avocado (with superb re-hydrating and skin
cell-replenishing properties), almond oil (with skin
softening and anti-inflammatory benefits), olive oil (which
can be made into a night cream but requires some patience),
to name some.

Whether you want to make your own natural skin care remedy
or would rather invest on the best over the counter night
cream, discover first which powerful ingredients deliver
the best anti-aging effects, smoothen fine lines, and
soften wrinkles.

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