Wednesday 22 July 2009

Applying Lotion To Your Skin Is A Youthful Idea

When it comes to skin care and skin care lotion, more people
are looking into herbal or all natural cosmetics. The selling
point of herbal cosmetics is its promise of zero side effects.
Cosmetics that use synthetic ingredients are known to cause
certain side effects that range from mild to severe like
dermatitis and skin cancer.

Even if herbal cosmetics claim to have no side effects,
indiscriminately sampling any cosmetic product is not advisable.
You must know what your skin type is. Your skin type determines
what your skin needs to look and stay healthy.

Using products that are not suited for your skin type will lead
to allergic reactions, clogged pores and breakouts. Skin type
falls under the following categories: dry, normal, oily and
sensitive. Each skin type has unique needs and demands.

Things to consider in choosing skin care lotion

Aside from skin type, weather conditions should be taken into
consideration in choosing herbal or all natural cosmetic
products. Foods without preservatives spoil easily in hot and
humid climates.

Herbal cosmetics, if they are all natural, do not have
preservatives and therefore do not keep as well as their
synthetic counterparts. If the herbal cosmetic product is
spoiled, it may do more harm than synthetic products.

The good thing about natural cosmetics is that instead of
buying, you can make your own. Natural cosmetics make use of
natural ingredients so all the raw materials you need may be in
your refrigerator. A lot of books and magazines feature home
made cosmetics.

Some of the common ingredients used for homemade cosmetics
include baking soda, olive oil, salt, fruits and vegetables.
This saves you money and you have total control of the
preparation. You know if the product is still good or has
exceeded its shelf life.

Skin care lotion for proper skin care

Proper skin care can be summarized in three simple steps:
cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. It does not matter if you
are using herbal or commercially prepared cosmetics; the three
step rule applies to either.
Cleansing involves getting rid of dirt, dust and excess oils
from your face. Toning removes any dirt or cosmetic residue that
was not removed during the cleansing stage.

Toning prepares the face for the third stage. After cleansing
and toning, the skin's natural moisture may have been stripped.
The moisture is replenished through moisturizing. The
moisturizer or skin care lotion must be suited for your skin

Proper skin care does not rely solely on topical cosmetic
products like moisturizers and toners. They say beauty comes
from within and this is true in the case of skin care. Topical
cosmetics may temporarily relieve or mask skin imperfections.
For truly great and glowing skin, a healthy and nutritious diet
is the only solution.

A healthy diet, regular exercise and water are necessary for
beautiful skin. These ensure the body is properly nourished,
well hydrated, and that the body's waste products are

Using the proper skin care lotion and other magic potions
combined with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is the
only way to achieve beautiful skin. Use these helpful agents to
maintain that youthful glow.

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