Tuesday 5 October 2010

5 Tips for Taking Care of African American Hair

African American hair is unique compared to the more common
and straighter hair type because of how the strands are
structured which makes the hair more prone to dryness and
hair breakage. The difference between African American hair
and other types of hair is that the strands can have twice
as many cuticles, or outer layers. Due to the kinkiness of
African-America hair, the scalp's natural oil secretions
have a hard time reaching all the way to the end of their
hair. With these facts in mind, you can see why Moroccan
argan hair oil comes in handy. Use products that are geared
towards the care of African American hair. Here are some
tips you can follow to properly take care of your African
American hair.

Since the hair care products you use can go a long way
toward helping or harming your hair, invest wisely in these
products and choose only those that are gentle and
hydrating. Buy shampoos that are gentle and which have
hydrating properties and a conditioner that has moisturizing
ingredients such as jojoba oil, coconut oil and wheat germ.
Completely massage your scalp with the shampoo, and don't
forget to apply a conditioner following a shampoo.

Thoroughly condition your hair prior to exposing it to

Prior to bathing or swimming in any setting, thoroughly
hydrate your hair and give it a protective conditioner
barrier. If you want to protect your hair while swimming,
you can apply conditioner to keep chlorine from infiltrating
the hair shaft and damaging it. It is also advisable to rinse
the hair with a small amount of club soda after swimming.

Using the correct amount of shampoo and conditioner will be
helpful in getting the best hair possible. Shampoo overuse
and too little conditioner will cause brittle and damaged
hair. It is advisable to shampoo no more than once every
week, and for every other day, simply use a conditioner.
Rinse your hair thoroughly with water that is mixed with
conditioner to remove any trace of styling products, dirt
and oil. Apply a lot of conditioner on your hair, brush
through, and wash thoroughly prior to styling it. It's
particularly important to condition your hair when it's hot
or humid outside during the summer.

Steer clear of synthetic oils.

Be very particular about what products you use on your
precious hair. Synthetic oils, like mineral oil and
petroleum oil, are known to dehydrate hair. Remember to
avoid hairsprays and styling creams that contain drying

Take care of your hair tips

The tips of your hair usually become the driest part of your
hair. You can maintain and take care of the tips of your hair
by combing natural oils and conditioners into the ends of
your hair. You're also capable of leaving this mixture on
your hair for protection against other damaging elements in
the environment, as well as protection from the sun.

Hair is fondly regarded as one's crowning glory, so it is
good to know the right products and regimen to follow so you
will know how to treat your hair as such.

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