Saturday 16 May 2009

The Concept Of Timeless Elegance - Victorian Decorating

The Victorian type of home decor is a good choice to dress up
your house provided you have the heart to invest time and effort
in decorating your house. Excessiveness is the fundamental rule
of this type of home decor but the product of your hard work
will be a beautiful home and a soothing ambience.

Many of us still adore and admire Victorian home décors because
of their rich accessories and abundance. The presence of
authentic Victorian home décor is observed even in today’s
décor market though Victorian clothing and morals are a thing of
the past.

Victorian Home Décor – The Roots

Excessiveness, abundance and over the top has been the basic
concept behind the Victorian style. This was evident in the
Victorian clothing style and the Victorian culture morals.
Skirts were tailored to the maximum length with maximum fabrics
giving the feel of fullness. Similarly, upright collars and
wrist length sleeves were a trademark of the Victorian style
clothing. This same concept was applied to home décor by adding
the maximum amount of home décor items that were possible. Every
house was decorated and accessorized to the fullest possible
with lots of curtains and beautiful yet elegant embellishments.

Dressing your house

To dress your house in the Victorian style simply follow
“the maximum, the better” concept. As per Victorian
décor, the windows in your house are the most important part of
the skeletal of your house. Use three full, differently shaded
or designed layers of flowing fabrics for the curtains. Layers
of white fabrics are the ideal choice since they allows light to
pass even through so many multiple layers.

Additional accessories

After styling the windows, Victorian style furniture and
accessories are the next focal points in the house. Furniture
should be chosen based on its utility and purpose, followed by
additional accessories such as embroidered or embellished
lampshades placed in suitable locations throughout the house.
You should dress up light bulbs in 2 to 3 layers of gold
embellished white fabrics.

You should hunt for beautiful fabrics and decorative accents to
dress your house in the Victorian style. This may take some time
and effort but the result will be a romantic, attractive and
inviting home.

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