Friday 15 May 2009

Tacori - Handmade Timeless Elegance

Tacori is to diamond jewelry what Mercedes is to motor vehicles
or Chanel to cosmetics and fashion. Tacori jewelry is known as
being of the finest standard, and the settings that they
lovingly create are often instantly recognized for their unique
and detailed work.

Tacori jewelry is all handcrafted and will last you a lifetime.
Many Tacori settings are inspired by vintage and antique style
settings, but with the additional engraving and modern stones,
these rings are transformed into timeless and contemporary
elegance. This is especially handy when contemplating special
rings that are going to be worn for a long time. Who wants an
engagement or eternity ring that is instantly recognized as
being from a particular era?

How do you know if it is authentic Tacori? All Tacori pieces
have "TACORI" stamped quite visibly on the inner band of the
ring. Tacori rings can be chosen for the setting that you love.
Then you are able to select the diamond you prefer for the
center stone. This is a fantastic way to get a truly unique ring
that has been made just for your requirements.

Tacori jewelry is only available in platinum or 18 or 22K gold.
Platinum is not only a hard wearing metal, but its color also
highlights the diamonds and can actually make the diamonds in
your setting appear larger. Platinum is much heavier and more
precious than gold. Platinum will also never lose its shine and
will never tarnish. Platinum will not wear and is
hypoallergenic. What does this mean? Your Tacori platinum ring
is going to look as good as new for a lifetime. Tacori is also
famous for many of its two tone metal settings.

A Tacori setting is going to frame your very own hand chosen
diamond. Diamonds can look entirely different depending upon the
setting that you select. This is the beauty of the Tacori
system. You can either select a setting that you love first, and
then select an appropriate diamond in your price range, or
alternatively you may have already found your diamond and are
seeking a setting to display it. These are the sorts of small
touches that ensure that no two Tacori rings are ever going to
be the same.

To qualify as a Tacori diamond, a diamond must be of a G in
color, and have a clarity of VS. What does this mean? It means
that the diamonds in your ring are going to sparkle beautifully,
containing only very small flaws that are almost invisible to
the naked eye, and have a rare white color. (The less apparent
flaws and the less background color, the more valuable the

Tacori pride themselves on the quality of their pieces. An
individual setting is hand made, from the initial wax molding
through to the final finishing touches of polishing, engraving,
and delicate hand working around the stones. To view Tacori
products visit visit the Tacori Bridal section at Rokstok.
Reproduction of this article requires that everything is kept in
tact including the author biography.

The Tacori company has been based in California for more than
30 years. You cannot purchase any Tacori jewelry through the
Tacori company itself, only through specially selected jewelry

Tacori rings are a statement of not only high quality but of
uniqueness. These handmade rings are timeless classics that will
last a lifetime and never lose their elegance or beauty. Tacori,
heirloom pieces in the making.

About The Author: Andy Moquin has spent 20 years in the jewelry
business buying and selling over $20,000,000 in diamonds,
engagement rings and custom designed jewelry. To contact him
call 1-888-296-4890 or

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