Monday 1 June 2009

Carolina Herrera - Spectacular Range of Perfumes

The contemporary perfume sector is made more alive with the
emergence and popularity of 212 Carolina Herrera for women and
for men, respectively. Just like many perfume designers that
came before her, Carolina Herrera first designed clothes and
established her own fashion house before she pursued formulating
and designing perfumes to extend the line of the fashion

However, unlike most fashion designers in her league, Carolina
Herrera is neither French nor Italian. She is also not American
who hailed from New York. Carolina Herrera is an entrepreneur
and fashion designer born in Venezuela.

Carolina was so fond of her parents, especially of her father,
whom she refers to as among the most handsome men she ever knew.
Perhaps, it was this fascination for her parents that made her
inclined and interested in designing clothes that would further
accentuate good and outstanding physical features.

Having established a fashion designing career and relocating to
New York, where she says greater opportunities arise, Carolina
established her own fashion house at her namesake in the 1980s.
Initially, there have been three flagship boutiques it operated
across the globe. The base was at New York on Madison Avenue.
The second is at Melrose Place in Los Angeles and the third in
Newbury Street in Boston, Massachusetts.

Through expanding its lifestyle and clothing brand, Carolina
Herrera is effectively establishing itself and is robustly
expanding its presence worldwide. Five years after the
establishment of the company, Carolina launched its first
perfume called Carolina Herrera, a romantic and very heady blend
of aromatic jasmine and tuberose essences.

In 1991, Carolina Herrera for men was unveiled. The third
Carolina Herrera was launched in 1994, the very floral and
exciting Flore. The lighter counterpart called Aqua Flore was
introduced in 1996.

For eleven years after the company was founded, 212 for women,
then for men were launched. The scents paved the way for
Carolina Herrera to more firmly establish its presence into the
global fragrance sector. The perfumes were ready to encompass
all her fashion collections.

Aside from clothes and fragrances, Carolina Herrera also
offered fashion accessories, cosmetics and other luxury items. A
signature color cosmetics line is very much identified with the
company. The accessories are beautifully detailed and are
comprising of good shoulder and handbags that are at par with
the current luxury brands across the global market.

Interviewed once to talk about her success and the outstanding
performance of her businesses, Ms. Carolina Herrera said she is
proud to provide the kind of intricacy for all the consumers of
her products.

Whether it is Carolina Herrera perfumes, clothes or
accessories, Ms. Herrera said her brand and her company would
never cease to strive setting and reaching standards to provide
the best and most loveable products to ever be known by
consumers. With that kind of personal principle, it is
noteworthy and is very obvious where Carolina Herrera's success
if coming from.

Carolina Herrera is truly one of the most admirable fashion and
perfume brands.

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