Sunday 17 May 2009

Perfumes And Fragrances

Mankind has been using perfume for quite a long time. Some
people say it was first discovered in ancient Egypt and used by
different civilizations such as ancient Chinese, Hindus,
Israelites, Carthaginians, Arabs, Greeks, Romans and finally
reintroduced hundreds of years later in France. Ever since,
French perfume has become famous worldwide and today sets the
standard for excellence.

The word perfume comes from Latin, meaning ‘through smoke’.
Perfume came into being in the early days, through the burning
of incense and aromatic herbs. Ever since, it has influenced
mankind up to a point to become a product of desire.

For those purchasing perfumes, it is wise to become
familiarized with basic fragrance groups which will help to
find the perfect perfume one might be looking for.

The citrus fragrance category derives from different fruits
such as lime, lemon, tangerine, mandarin and others, creating a
sort of refreshing aroma. Mostly used during the summer.
Appropriate for office wear, day or evening wear.

The floral fragrance category derives from large varieties of
flowers such as vanilla, jasmine, roses and others. It is the
most popular and used fragrance group. The scent of romance and
starry nights.

The oriental fragrance category derives from mixtures of
spices, resins, amber, balsams and other exotic essences,
creating a warm and exotic feeling. Widely used during the
winter season in the evening.

The chypre fragrance category derives from different wood-moss
mixes, providing earthly aromas such as oak moss and other
types of wood. Chypre fragrances smell slightly dry, not very
sweet. Chypre perfumes are rich and tenacious, usually for
those who tend to prefer slightly out of the norm fragrances.

The green fragrance category derives from scents of pine,
leaves, herbs, juniper and others, providing a sharp outdoor
scent. Good day wear and occasional evening wear in warmer

The Fougere category of perfume scents derives from bergamot,
oakmoss and geranium, and is mostly used my men. It has a
classy style. Great fragrance choice for distinguished

These diversified fragrances will evoke different feelings and
people just seem to enjoy that very much. Now that the basic
fragrance groups have been explained, it’s up to one to make
the best of his next perfume purchase and make use of the
perfume fragrance that best suits his lifestyle.

However, while purchasing perfumes one should bewared that
famous brand name perfumes are fairly expensive. If one is
looking for genuine perfumes, he must be willing to spend
fairly amount of money. However evoking memories of romantic
moments thru fragrances may just be priceless and the expensive
perfume price may just become fair.

Roberto Sedycias
IT Consultant

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