Monday 28 June 2010

Celebrity Beauty Products to Help You Travel in Style

Many of us can't even remember when air travel was glamourous

Instead of the sexy days of yore when planes held lounges
and food was served on actual plates, nowadays you're lucky
to get a meal and a free beverage.

Worst of all, the cramped conditions leave even the
heartiest traveler cranky, dehydrated, and looking a lot
worse for wear upon arrival.

So why is it that when we see celebrities arriving at
airports they always look refreshed? Besides traveling in
first class, they've learned which celebrity beauty products
help them maintain their star-worthy look.

Here are a few you can copy!

Stars like singer Kylie Minogue travel with celebrity beauty
products like Kryolan cleanser to remove eye makeup. The
European cleanser takes off all traces of eye shadow and
mascara quickly so Ms. Minogue can get some shuteye while
she's in flight.

You can copy this move by taking along a small amount of eye
makeup remover and a cotton pad or even a travel-sized pack
of eye makeup remover towelettes. Once you find your seat,
just take off your makeup and you'll wake up without looking

The recycled air on planes can zap your skin's moisture
faster than the speed of sound. That's why stars like Kim
Kardashian and Jennifer Love Hewitt say they keep plenty of
moisturizer on hand to combat it.

Stash a super-thick, hydrating lotion in your bag and pat
down your face and hands every time you hit the lavatory. A
good lip balm will also help keep lips from chapping and
becoming dried out in flight (especially noteworthy if
you're hoping for a big reunion kiss with someone once you

Also be sure and drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol
between takeoff and landing. See? You don't even need a
celebrity beauty product to pull off this trick!

Lastly, don't forget about your smile! Singer-slash-actress
Jennifer Lopez has been quoted as saying she loves a
no-rinse breath freshener called Supersmile Quikee. This
celebrity beauty product helps Jenny from the Block's breath
stay sweet once she arrives.

You can achieve the same effect by picking up a disposable
toothbrush. Instead of trying to trot out your toothbrush
and use it in the plane bathroom's sink (all together now:
yuck!), these handy brushes provide just a hint of mint
while letting your scrub away that fuzzy feeling. Just toss
when you're done and you're ready to greet your waiting

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