Sunday 27 June 2010

Beauty Products On A Budget: How To Look Great For Less

Everyone's cutting back these days. From clipping coupons to
cooking dinner at home, suddenly it's hip to be frugal. But
where does that leave your beauty routine? Do you cut back
on buying beauty products to save money? According to a
recent survey by makeup giant L'Oreal, many women said
makeup and beauty items are the last place they seek to trim
their budget. However, if your wallet is getting lighter as
your makeup bag gets heavier, here are some ways you can
start cutting back.

Get the next best thing. As always been a department store
diva, cut back definitely on this one. Make a list of your
favorite beauty products and take it with you next time you
hit the grocery or drug store. Look around to see if you can
find similar products in the same colors and shades. You
might be surprised at what you can find and how much money
you're able to save. Besides, no one has to know what the
label says. And if they do, they might be relieved to know
it's a budget brand as well!

Save up for faves. Every woman understands that there are
certain products a girl just can't live without. We have all
that one beauty product that there's no alternative for, may
it be your lipstick since you were 16 or your moisturizer
that keeps you from breaking out. Put a difference towards
your must-have products if you've made a habit out of
substituting drug store finds for expensive department store
luxuries? Stash an envelope in your makeup drawer marked
"favorite fund" and every time you save on your other
products, put the difference in cash in the envelope.
There's no way to worry about on how to pay for it when your
favorite product run out.

Swap it. It's not just one woman's problem on saving money.
In today's economy, everyone is in the same boat. If you've
got a product that you barely used or never opened, why not
share it with a friend? Trade clean, hardly used or unopened
beauty products during girl's get together. You can get rid
of products you didn't like and find new favorites without
spending any money at all. Don't have time for a party? Look
online for forums that let you swap products with other site

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