Monday 28 June 2010

Get Your Groove On With These Dance-Ready Makeup Artist Products

Prom might be over and school dances are still a ways off,
but every girl knows it's never too early to start thinking
about next year.

Part of the fun of school dances is in the preparation.
There's nothing better than flipping through magazines until
you find your dream dress, hunting it down, and getting it.
Then there are hairstyles, jewelry, and makeup up to think

Well, when it comes to one of those details, we've got you
covered. Whether your personal style is casual and sweet or
edgy and unexpected, these makeup artist product-inspired
ideas will help you rock the look you're aiming for!

1950's starlet - If vintage is your thing, you'll want to
make sure you get your makeup right in the right era. Think
old Hollywood glamour, complete with full, pouty lips and
film noir-inspired makeup.

Draw attention to your eyes using a palette of taupe or
champagne shadow, black liner, and mascara. For added fun,
crank up those "come up and see me sometime" eyes with a set
of false eyelashes. And don't forget the red lipstick!

For hair, go for big, 50's style waves using large Velcro
rollers to set 2-inch sections of just-barely damp hair. Use
a blow dryer to dry each curl individually then spray with
hairspray. Pull up a small section of hair just above one
ear and pin in place with a rhinestone clip or comb.

Punk rock princess - If your idea of glam involves black
nail polish and old Ramones albums, don't forget to bring a
little punk to the party on dance night. Even if you've
chosen a pretty traditional dress, you can still rock out a
little with your jewelry, makeup, and accessories.

Think skull earrings instead of diamonds or maybe even a
chunky cuff instead of a bracelet. For makeup, choose an eye
shadow shades in makeup artist products like a deep magenta
or disco-ball silver and make it slightly smoky with thick
liner and a volumizing mascara.

If you have long hair, make it pin straight using a flat
iron and an anti-frizz serum. And for shoes, skip the "only
going to wear them once" heels and wear a pair of Converse
sneakers instead.

Boho babe - If your style is a little more eclectic, you're
a bohemian at heart. Show off your true colors with makeup
artist products that bring out your natural beauty.

Choose an eye palette with earth tones, preferably with just
a hint of shimmer. Glam it up a little with brown eyeliner
and plenty of mascara. For the rest of the face, add a
sun-kissed glow with a touch of bronzer on each cheek. Keep
lips simple with a berry or nude gloss.

Leave your hair down and curl it just a little for a beachy,
tousled look.

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