Tuesday 29 June 2010

When You Should Buy a Makeup Collection

When You Should Buy a Makeup Collection
What's in your makeup bag?

Is it a Hodge podge of items you've picked up over the years
that combines many different brands and shades?

Or is it a complete "look" that you purchased and have
stayed faithful to for a long time?

If it's the latter, you probably own a makeup collection.
These coordinating sets combine complementing shades and
colors that are purchased all at once.

While some women balk at the idea of purchasing what's
thought to be an expensive collection, these items have
their merits. Here are the times when you should buy a
makeup collection.

When you're in love with a "look".
It happens to all of us. You try out a makeup collection in
a department store or see it online and just have to have
it. You might think you could build a similar look by
shopping the same colors at the drugstore, but keep in mind
that colors are often signature to a certain brand.

You might walk away thinking you can achieve the same look,
but keep in mind you might end up dissatisfied. Our advice?
Buy the collection when you absolutely fall in love with it.

When the price is right.
Let's say you decide not to buy the makeup collection you
found. You fight that urge that says you're truly in love
with it and walk away. Or instead, you decide to buy just
one item and tell yourself you'll come back for the rest.

Keep in mind that it's often cheaper to buy the whole set.
Retailers know you'll be more likely to purchase a full
collection if it's slightly cheaper than buying each piece

You might also be able to snag a free gift at the same time!

When it saves you time.
Another great reason to go all in on a makeup collection is
when you know it will save you time.

You get the immediate satisfaction of buying the collection
all at once instead of having to spend time tracking down
the same colors and types of makeup elsewhere. And, since
most makeup collections come in one palette or compact, you
also get time back each day when you're applying the makeup.

These palettes are also great when you're on the go. Instead
of hauling an entire bag of makeup with you, you simply stash
the palette in your bag for the day.

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