Saturday 23 May 2009

Standing Out From The Crowd Without Being Ostentatious

We girls are always on the lookout to find new ways to stand out
in a crowd. When we go to a party, a business function, or even
out on a date, we are looking for ways that we can make ourselves
distinct and different from every other woman in the room. We
want people to pay attention to us, and to seek us out as someone
they will want to spend their time.

When we are at a party, we want people to notice us and to pay
attention to us. When we are at a business function, we want our
bosses and co-workers to take notice of our finer traits,
including our style and fashion sense. When we are on a date, we
want our date to see us in a different and brighter light than
the women he has met before us.

Many of us have learned that alcohol is not a necessity for us to
stand out in a room and get noticed. In fact, we can draw much
more favorable attention with the clothes we wear and the
accessories we use when we go out.

Don't Be Ostentatious

Most of us know women who are caught up in having the most
expensive accessories in the room. For them, it is not just a
matter of having distinctive apparel. No, for them, it is a
matter of being able to claim more spending power than you or me.
Of course, most of us know that spending power does not make you
a more attractive person...

Few women who live outside of the major cities of the world, New
York City, Paris, London, and Melbourne, Australia, and women who
work outside of the entertainment industry, would seriously
consider the purchase of a dress from Armani or Versace. We would
likely never indulge $2500 on a Gucci purse or a designer dress,
although we might spend a healthy amount of money to buy a
beautiful wedding dress that we will keep forever - after all, we
will only get married for the first time, once.

Stand Out With Style

The good news is that there are more ways to stand out in a room
than to outspend everyone in the room.

Even an interesting set of earrings, a bracelet or a necklace can
attract people quickly to our side to view the beauty or
distinctiveness of our jewelry. Of course, it is not even
necessary to indulge in gold or diamond jewelry to attract
attention from others.

In fact, with the development of the global Internet marketplace,
it has become much more easy to buy jewelry from other parts of
the world, frequently for prices less than the cost of a cheap
gold strand. For example, one could buy a necklace or choker with
African styling or even Malaysian styling, for under $100.
Despite the seemingly low cost, a piece of jewelry from another
part of the world might just attract more attention and
conversation than a Gucci purse or a diamond-studded earring set.

Speaking of Gucci, one could even pick up a handmade handbag with
African, Mediterranean, Japanese, or Southwest Native American
styling that attracts every eye in the room. Why spend $2500 on a
handbag, when you could attract even more attention with a
handbag that could be purchased for under $100?

The Frugal Shopper

If you are frugal in your shopping, that does not have to mean
that you have to be the girl in the corner to whom no one is
paying any attention. In fact, being frugal does not mean that
you have to be plain or boring either.

Being a frugal shopper simply means that you have the ability to
make your money go further, without giving up on having the
things that make our lives fun and interesting.

Most women have households to run and children to support. Most
of us have had the necessity to be frugal with our money from
time-to-time, for the sake of keeping our households running
smoothly. As such, many of us have learned that demonstrating
style and beauty does not have to be expensive. In fact, many of
us have learned that the trick to making our money go further can
be summed up in one simple sentence, "don't be afraid to shop

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