Wednesday 14 October 2009

Need To Know Information Before Buying a Cartier Watch

These days it is important to have a good, reliable watch
because of always having to be somewhere at a certain time.
When you want to find a watch but you don't want to get a
cheap one then you need to look at the Cartier watches.
These watches are very popular with men and women, though
not everyone can afford to get them because they are not
cheap watches. So, you need to know some information about
the Cartier company and their watches to help you decide if
these are the right time pieces for you.

The history of the Cartier watches started in a Paris
jewelry shop that was run by Master Adolphe Picard. Picard
passed away in 1847 and Louis-Francios Cartier took over
for Picard. It became a family business and has continued
through the next century. In 1904, Louis-Francios's son
Alfred Cartier got involved in the business where he joined
his mind with the legendary watchmaker, Edmond Jaeger to
create the first Cartier watch, which was worn by pilot
Santos-Dumont when flying.

The Cartier name has maintained prestige for nearly 160
years and they are only associated with quality, elegance
and performance. Only the best is used when it comes to
creating and making the Cartier watches. The highest grade
jewelry and the most precise mechanical functionality are
used with the highest standards.

The Cartier watches are more than just a watch; they are
elegance and sophistication, which are requirements of
these design standards. Many times a Cartier watch will
become an heirloom that gets passed from generation to
generation. There are different designs available that you
will want to look at such as the modern, classic and retro

You can even find one of these watches with Roman numerals,
an alligator strap and their trademark sapphire on the knob
as well as the sapphire crystal faces that are made to
resist scratching. There are also watches that include
metal bands made of gold or platinum.

So, where can you get one of these Cartier watches? There
are many authorized dealers all over the world that you can
get these watches from. One important thing to keep in mind
is that all of the Cartier watches have a certificate of
origin and warranty that can be used with any of the
authorized dealers. You want to be careful to only purchase
a watch from valid genuine sources; otherwise you may be
getting a fraud.

So, if you are planning on getting one of the Cartier
watches then you need to make sure you do your homework
about them before you purchase one. You have to make sure
that you are getting a real Cartier watch and not a fraud.
So, take your time and find an authorized dealer that will
help you get one of the authentic watches made by Cartier.

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