Friday 22 January 2010

Boss Black show highlights Berlin Fashion Week

The Boss Black show at Berlin Fashion Week proves once again to be a celebrity magnet.

BERLIN, GERMANY (JANUARY 21, 2010)REUTERS- Hollywood stars Hilary Swank, Matt Dillon and Aaron Eckhart were spotted sitting in the front row of the BOSS Black fashion show in Berlin on Thursday (January 21), as the German label presented its latest collection for Fall/Winter 2010.

Swank, dressed in a red BOSS dress, was accompanied by her brother Dan Swank. Fashion to her, she said, was a wonderful art.

"I think that going to fashion shows is very much like going to see theater, it's very entertaining. I really enjoy fashion, I think it's a wonderful art," she said ahead of the show.

Actor Aaron Eckhart, who has just finished working on three movies, said it has been 20 years since he last came to Berlin.

"I was in Berlin twenty years ago before the wall fell and I actually was in this neighborhood here and took a young lady out to lunch. And I was just thinking about it, how much it has changed. It's really beautiful. I went for a walk today and I took pictures, I'm an avid photographer, so it's a quite beautiful city. It's very cold though here," he told Reuters.

Hollywood star Matt Dillon, whose latest film called "Armored" was released in the US in December 2009 and will be coming out in Germany soon, said he has been a big fan of the label BOSS for years.

"It's classic, you know, it's really classic. It's consistent, very elegant, very masculine, although they do womenswear as well. But I always liked it," he said.

Hugo Boss chairman Claus-Dietrich Lahrs said, even though the company was recording less demand lately, it was doing well. "What we have seen in 2009 was very unusual, but it hit the entire market, and I think that overall Hugo Boss did well," he told Reuters.

More than 1000 people were invited to the extraordinary location in a former train station, now serving as a museum.

The outfits showed on the runway stayed true to the new motto: "Urban Glamour".

Straight cuts and dark colors dominated the look of the latest BOSS Black collection for men and women.

The BOSS Black show was part of the Berlin Fashion Week, which began on Wednesday (January 20) and will run until Saturday. (January 23)

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