Wednesday 22 September 2010

Essential Fashion Jewellery Pieces for Every Woman's Wardrobe

Jewellery is an essential part of a woman's accessory
collection. Whether dressing for work, evenings out or
formal galas, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings add
that extra shine and brilliance to any look. Fine jewellery,
however, can be costly. Fashion jewellery makes a nice and
affordable alternative. With trends in fashion being so
fleeting, it is also the perfect way to keep up with the
latest fads.

Every woman should have an assortment of earrings in her
collection. From tiny gem-like studs, to swinging
chandeliers, earrings can set a tone for any outfit. Small
faux pearl, crystal or colored gemstone earrings are great
for conservative looks, the office or just everyday wear.
They are easy and generally comfortable to keep in for
several days at a time. Longer, flashier earrings are also
important to have on hand for nights out and formal
occasions. Either way, earrings are an easy way to add
excitement to an outfit and to bring attention up to the

For necklaces, all women should have a few different
choices. With fashion jewellery, it is affordable to keep a
necklace for nearly every outfit. Long beaded or pearl
strands pair well with blouses for work, and they can be
layered for a more interesting look. A simple pendant on a
gold or silver chain is an easy choice for any day of the
week and can be worn with almost any top. For a night out on
the town, a large, flashy, faux-diamond necklace can be worn
with any simple black dress.

Bracelets are another easy way to brighten up a look. Every
woman should have a set of classic bangles. Stacked together
on one arm, they look fantastic with sleeveless blouses and
dresses. The cuff bracelet is another type that will never
go out of style and always makes a bold statement.
Increasingly popular, a charm bracelet is a great way to
collect memories and can be worn with almost any outfit,
formal or informal.

Not everyone thinks of adding rings to their fashion
jewellery collection, but should. Cocktail rings give a fun,
yet formal touch to a going out look. Usually made with
large, brightly colored gemstones, they liven up a simple
dress and really grab attention.

Whatever a woman's personal style, certain pieces of fashion
jewellery are essential to her collection. All women need a
good assortment of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings
as shiny, flashy accessories.

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