Wednesday 26 May 2010

US hairdressers collect human hair to mop up BP's gulf oil disaster

 Everyone wants to do their bit. Some people are organizing consumer boycotts of BP petrol stations and pressuring firms to disinvest in the British oil giant.
While in hairdressers and barbers across the nation – including round the corner from me in Washington DC – human hair is being collected to try to help mop up the oil.
I’ve even been keeping hair I’ve brushed off the dog in plastic bag ready to help to save the Louisiana shore.
But now we hear the plan to stuff old tights with human and animal hair and use them to try to absorb the oil before it washes ashore has been abandoned as impractical. So everyone is left feeling thwarted and powerless.
People are asking why can’t the military be sent? Would a submarine help? Should they just blow up the oil reservoir? Very American solutions, to a delicate environmental disaster.

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