Tuesday 8 June 2010

Male Lingerie

Lingerie for males exists just as much as for females, though
we don't normally think about it. It is not employed as often
as female lingerie because we normally think of women when we
hear the word 'lingerie'. It does not exist to the same
extent that female lingerie does, but it is still out there.
Men don't generally get the chance to show off their body
like women do, lacking in support from the media. However,
there is a lot more to man's lingerie than just their white
briefs or plain boxers.

While woman's lingerie is built for sex appeal, much of
man's lingerie is built for comfort. Their bodies are better
emphasized in this manner than that of women. With regards to
man's lingerie fabrics, they often use satin, silk, cotton or
flannel for night sets, with leather and chains thrown in for
proper occasions.

The first item within the realm of man's lingerie is pajama
sets. These come in the same general style, but with varying
prints and fabrics. Next are long johns and nightgowns,
though many men are not brave enough to wear nightgowns
anymore. The most sophisticated of man's lingerie are robes.
While the fabric, often silk or satin, is smooth to the
touch, heightening sensations, robes can be worn with boxers
or briefs underneath, slightly opened to give the sensual

For occasions like dressing up or role-play, men obviously
have options. Often their options for playing dress up are
limited to partner ensembles that can be worn with their
partner, but they also have a selection of single outfits.
You can order outfits for playtime or parties both online
and at many stores. When men are role playing in situations
such as dominance and submission, men have leather and chain
thongs, collars, and shirts to wear.

Men have male enhancing lingerie as well. The main purpose
of the male enhancing lingerie is to pad the front and/or
back, provide body trimming tops, or pocket thongs to
enhance their shape. Like female lingerie, male lingerie
comes in different prints and designs to add flare to any
night. The last of all the male lingerie surprises lies in
the thong. Male thongs can be g-string thongs or thongs with
see-through pouches. All of these offer great exposure of the
butt with emphasis on the male package.

No matter your choice, man's lingerie is just as enticing as
female lingerie. There are as many possibilities as long as
you are willing to get creative and be open-minded. Colors
and prints can be mixed and matched. Multiple or single
pieces may be worn.

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