Saturday 24 July 2010

The Basics of Beauty Products

Stumped by the terms and uses of beauty products?

What exactly is the difference between lipstick and lip
stain? Why do we need eyeliner? These questions and more are
ones that all novice makeup wearers face.

However, learning to use and apply makeup properly can be a
fun and rewarding experience. The purpose of this article to
describe some of the more basic beauty products and how to
use them properly.

Face: The most basic beauty product that most women use is
face makeup. This is usually referred to as "base" or

From there, there are two basic types of foundation: powder
and liquid. Which one is best for you? That all depends on
your preference, skin type, and how long you want your
foundation to stay on.

For example, if you have oily skin, a mineral-based powder
might be best.

If you're looking for more coverage, a liquid might be a
better choice. Liquid foundations are applied using either
your fingers or a cosmetic sponge while powders are normally
applied using a brush or cosmetic puff.

Eyes: The basic tools of the eye makeup arsenal are eye
shadow, eyeliner, and mascara.

Eye shadow gives the face more color and draws attention to
the eyes. Most women like to find a shade that enhances
their eye color.

Liner turns up the volume on this effect by defining the
eyes even further. Finally, mascara adds texture and volume
to eyelashes as a finishing touch.

Again, preference between beauty products here also has to
do with personal choice. A liquid liner makes eyes appear
more defined but is trickier than a standard eye pencil to

Shadows typically come in powder, but some women prefer
crème. And there are as many mascara choices
(lengthening, waterproof, thickening) as there are brands!
Choose one that best suits your needs.

Lips: If you only take the time to master one beauty
product, those intended for your lips is where you can't go

Lipstick is the most basic of all makeup products for the
lip. Sometimes slightly waxy in texture, it adds color and
definition to your smile.

If you prefer something lighter, lip gloss may be more
ideal. Gloss helps lips look fuller and adds just a hint of
color. Lip stain serves the same purpose as lipstick but is
longer wearing.

Finally, lip liner - available usually in pencil form -
helps bring out lips' contours and should always be used in
conjunction with a lipstick.

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