Thursday 15 July 2010

Sexy Arms for Summer

Looking to make the most impact quickly, before summer? With
summer around the corner and the bare-shoulders trend in
fashion, who wouldn't obsess about perfect arms? If you are
over 30 and still want to look good in a tank top, read on
for tips on tightening your upper body muscle tone.

Start with burning the fat layer away from your arms. It's
important to have combine cardio and strength training into
one power packed workout program -  designed to melt body
fat rapidly. A great, all around upper-body workout might
include boxing, swimming and weight training to hit all of
the major upper-body muscles.  Boxing

Boxing is perfect for working different muscle groups, so
get those boxing gloves and sign up for a class. Not only
will it help you release your stress, it will work wonders
on your arms. Punching forward is great for the front and
back of your shoulders, punching up work the middle and
lower back, and punching around is best for the shoulder


Swimming works wonders if you want stronger and leaner arms.
 An added bonus of any water-based workout is extra
resistancw without added muscle strain.  Try cardio and
resistance exercises in the shallow, or flat part of the
pool.  Add a kick board or water bands to your workout as
well.  Swimming in place is effective toning for the arms
and shoulders.

Don't Resist Resistance

Resistance training with free weights and bands is the key
to sexy arms. For sculpted biceps, alternate bicep curls
with hammer curls.  They will work your muscles from
different angles. Do three sets of 15 to 20 reps for best


Compound exercises are important to work different muscles
in one exercise. For example, push-ups work the chest,
shoulders, biceps and triceps at the same time! Three reps
of 15 to 20 times will do wonders for your arms.

Triceps are super important for a woman.  We just don't get
to use those muscles in our day-to-day activities and that's
why so many of us have "bat wings" instead of firm arms.
Triceps press-ups, kick-backs with free weights and triceps
dips are excellent to get rid of those flabby arms in no

About the Author:

Mr. America Jason Kozma is a professional Santa Monica
Personal Trainer in Southern California. Jason and his High
Performance Training Team are helping residents all over
Southern California lose weight and get in the best shape of
their lives.

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