Monday 25 May 2009

Boudoir Photography: The Defining Difference

Boudoir Photography is creating quite a cyberspace buzz these
days. Many models consider sensuous images a critical element in
their portfolio. Playboy photos have illustrated the beauty of
the female body since Marilyn Monroe appeared on the cover of
Playboy in 1953. Men and women alike have enjoyed them.
Modern-day culture has moved beyond the strictures Queen
Victoria laid on her subjects for over a century, and most
adults today have room for a healthy dose of sexuality in their
lives, including sensuous pictures. So what makes the
difference between quality sexy pictures and trash?

We suggest photographic skill & a creative imagination.

If photographers are honest, they know what kinds of pictures
they plan to create. Obviously, photographic intent sets the
tone for end results. Photographers who intend to create trashy
pictures bordering on pornography in fact create trash. And for
most of us, those pictures are not difficult to identify. We can
differentiate between sensuous photography and trashy pictures
without too much problem. They're all skin and no art. Porn
turns us off. It's not pleasant to view.

On the other hand, a picture of a scantily clad model, implying
nudity, with good pose and lighting can be a work of art.
Tasteful and artistic images of a beautiful woman in various
stages of boudoir attire reflect her poise and dignity. Although
the style is revealing, many boudoir photos don't actually show
it all. They visually suggest, but don't cross the line between
implying and revealing. When the photographer does choose a nude
pose, he/she adjusts lighting and gives attention to composition
detail to create a quality artistic photo. The result shows the
sensitive nature of the work.

Boudoir photography suggests the setting of a bedroom or a
woman's sitting room. However, photos in this category need not
be limited to a bedroom. Other rooms in a home or studio, or
outdoor shots, lend themselves as compelling settings for
quality sensuous pictures. No matter where sexy photos are
taken, the foundation for quality is artistic tastefulness.
Neither the photographer nor the model can lose sight of that

The relationship between photographer and model is always
important, but even more so in boudoir photos. The photographer
needs to be trustworthy, both in her/his work ethic as well as
skill. Professional photographers never betray that trust. They
develop their reputation within `trust' boundaries and consider
that a competency required by the profession. A good model will
search out that quality before she agrees to the job. She will
research the reputation of photographers she considers working
with and makes sure others have had good experiences with those
on her list. It almost goes without saying that she is also
self-confident. She is comfortable exposing her body to the
camera's eye.

A final word for all those who are not and will never be
models… Most women love to see themselves in a soft and sensual
portrait. Whether it's at the hands of a professional
photographer or one's spouse or significant other, the emphasis
is on capturing the beauty of her persona. It no longer matters
that she is `beautiful' as socially defined. Photographing a
woman in her natural state, with the emphasis on soft and
sensual, good posing, carefully defined lighting and effective
communication between picture-taker and model all results in
incredible and tasteful artistic photos she will treasure

About The Author: Boudoir Photography is not much different that
Glamour Photography except in the fact of who the client is and
the use of the photos.

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