Monday 25 May 2009

Why He Is Looking Right Past You - 5 Tips To Get His Love Back

Remember the way he used to make you feel? Having trouble
getting that new guy to give you the time of day? The secret is
to get inside his head. Believe me, he WANTS to adore and
cherish you - and it is up to you to help him there. Try these
tips and get him to gaze into your eyes instead of at her

Tip #1: Listen to his shop talk: Most of my female friends tell
me that they just want their guy to listen more but that he is
often tuning them out. If this happens to you, the problem just
may be that you are tuning out his shop talk - you know, his
talk about work, sports, or fixing his car. Try listening to and
validating what he is saying. Your man wants nothing more than
for you to respect his ideas. When you do, you can bet he will
shower you with the attention you crave.

Tip #2: Make him feel he knows best: Yes, men are on average a
bit prouder than women (sorry, guys). So, make him feel that he
is smart, in control, and knows best - all of the time. Guess
what? The minute he starts feeling that you genuinely respect
his every thought is the minute he will actually give up control
to you. He would love to unload some of that pride and be with a
woman he can trust. Give him a reason to trust you and he will
be yours.

Tip #3: Let him be right well over 50% of the time: Similar to
#2, stop keeping a scorecard about who is right and who is
wrong. Men are extremely competitive, so let your man be right -
even when you know he is dead wrong. This is not fibbing, this
is just good harmonizing. Following this strategy will endear
him to like you will not believe. And, you will be surprised at
how often he will actually come around to seeing things your way
in the end.

Tip #4: Avoid reminding him you will be together forever: Okay,
here is one to avoid. A number of my male friends have told me
that a real romance mood killer is to tell your man, `[Bob], I
just know we will be together forever.' You may be saying this
out of love or out of insecurity. No matter - statements like
this make him want to run away screaming. Instead, always make
your man feel that your love is now, in the moment. Keep it
exciting. Keep it fresh, and he will keep coming around for

Tip #5: Be proud of every inch of your body: Come on, we all
have them: those days when we don't look our best. Or, we have a
part of our body that we sort of wish looked better (or was just
not there)! If you are like most women, on those days you
actually put less effort into your appearance: you put on fewer
accessories, you skip doing your hair, and you may even walk
with a bit of a slouch. This is a no-no. A man finds nothing
more attractive than a woman who is proud of how she looks and
acts the part. There is beauty in imperfection (and we all have
them - even supermodels feel they do). A woman who can pull off
looking proud and confident even amidst imperfections will
emanate a mystique that will drive her man wild.

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