Wednesday 24 February 2010

Stylists predict Oscar trends

Hollywood fashion designers, make-up artists, and hair stylists predict possible looks and trends for the 2010 Oscar red carpet.

It's been a stylized year for Hollywood's leading ladies, with multiple red carpets already having come and gone. But the grand-daddy of all fashion events - the Oscars - is looming on the horizon.

What will the trends be? While it can be hard to predict, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences put together a group of designers and stylists to make their guesses at what we'll see on the Oscar carpet.

At the fashion show, up-and-coming designers showed their Oscar predictions - most with vibrant, shimmering fabrics, cut off the shoulder.

As for hair, stylist Roy Teeluck says to expect a lot of up-dos.

SOUNDBITE: Roy Teeluck saying (English):

"I think that for the most part we're going to see the hair kind of sleek, pulled back and tight to the scalp, tight to the head. This is a way of really exposing the dresses, allowing the face to really be part of the whole style."

Make-up plays a crucial part of any red carpet appearance and artist Jeffrey Paul says expect a vamped up, natural look."

SOUNDBITE: Jeffrey Paul saying (English):

"Real, but just improved a little bit, something more enhanced, something more exciting. So you'll see a lot more people wearing make-up, but hopefully it won't be noticeable."

Finally, don't forget the jewels. As always, diamonds will inevitably play a huge role on the red carpet. Experts say expect simple, albeit showy, patterns of the girl's best friends.

In Los Angeles, I'm Bob Mezan, Reuters.

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