Monday 6 December 2010

Hip Hop - What to Wear To Look Good When Dancing

Look good, feel good perform better. Every dancer knows that
and hip hop dance is no different. The dance clothes that
you wear when you are hip hop dancing have to be edgy and
stylistic. The clothes should be very loose allowing for a
lot of free movements. Because  hip hop involves big
movements  it is best to wear loose clothing so there isn't
a lot of friction caused if body parts must hit the ground
during the moves.

Depending on the song that is played during your dance
routine you can pick and match clothes according. For
example you clearly don't want to be wearing baggy jeans
dancing to Mozart. Hip Hop dance is a style of dance that
allows for people to dress in many different ways. Because
it is not very formal, neither are the clothing
requirements. Everyday clothes can be worn so long as they
allow enough room for the dancer to move and perform the
style of movement chosen. If you are more advanced or want
to perform and take part in competitions you will need
slightly more considered hip hop dancewear.

Sometimes for Hip hop competition there are more strict
clothing rules and clothing requirements because certain
types of styles are not allowed. Be sure to ask and plan
your dancewear accordingly. The hip hop dance dressing style
yu pick should also match if you have a group of performers.
There are many different ways to match including using
things such as color coordination so that you have a variety
of clothes in the team in different colors.

Color coordination is the most popular form of style
coordination  that the hip hop community likes to wear  for
dance competitions. Remember that clothing can help a lot
not just from a stylistic standpoint but also from a skill
stand point. Wearing the right combination of hip hop
dancewear clothes can help make it easier to execute certain

The hip hop shoes are extremely important because they are
the direct clothing that helps you move around and interact
with the ground. Having the wrong pair of shoes could easily
destroy your entire routine. Thick soled sneakers are the
most commonly used shoes for hip hop. These allow the feet
to execute spins and jumps as well as some of the more
athletic gymnastic style moves used in hip hop dance.Some
hip hop dancers go 'en pointe' like ballet dancers. Thick
soled sneakers are essential for this.

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