Thursday 14 May 2009

Finding Wholesale Distributors Made Easy

Do you ever wonder why some people can sell items on Ebay
cheaper than other people? The point of selling items on any
site or in a brick and mortar store is to make money. So how
can some people sell items so cheap and still make money is the
question that begs to be answered.

The short answer is by finding good wholesale distributors.
This morning I googled wholesale distributor and found that
14,000,000 sites were listed. That's 14 million sites! And the
problem is getting through that mess to find legitimate
wholesale distributors that are willing to work with you.

You know, when I first started selling on Ebay, I did what
everyone of you has done. I went to google or msn and typed in
wholesale or wholesale distributor, and I expected that it
would be easy to find the perfect wholesale distributor for
whatever item that I wanted. Well let me tell you something:
there is a lot of garbage out there.

If you want to, type in wholesale distributor in one of the
search engines and see what you can come up with. Or go to Ebay
and type in wholesale distributor and you will find over 50 that
are selling wholesale distributor lists for as little as 99
cents. Now let me ask you a question, do you think that a
99-cent list is worth anything? Do you believe that they just
copied a list that someone made up years ago and now they are
trying to make money selling the outdated list to gullible
people that don't know that wholesale distributors change all
the time.

Don't get me wrong; there are a lot of good wholesale
distributors out there. But they are buried somewhere on the
23rd page because of all of the other "so called" wholesale
distributors that are buying from the real ones and then
marking up the price and pretending to be true wholesale

Now that I have told you the problem that everyone that is
looking for wholesale distributors faces, I am going to give
you my solution. I have been a business owner most of my life.
I have owned several retail businesses, and the hardest part
was finding good wholesale distributors for the items that I
was looking for. I spent hundreds of hours searching the
internet and calling salesmen and going to wholesale
distributors in Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, and Memphis. I
have never made to the wholesale distributor shows in Las
Vegas, although I am told that the best one is there.

I have a filing cabinet full of catalogs from hundreds of
wholesale distributors that I found to be some of the best
wholesale distributors out there. What I decided to do was help
other people find wholesale distributors by telling them about
the ones that I found. And the information is free. I am sure
that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands more out there that
are good wholesale distributors and I continue to search to
find the best.

I also know that there are wholesale distributors out there
that would be a good fit for my website. If you know of any,
let me know and I will research them and if I think that they
are legitimate, I will include them on my website. Presently, I
have wholesale distributors listed for books, clothing,
lingerie, swimwear, dropshippers, electronics, computers,
closeouts, gift, handbags, purses, jewelry, leather jackets,
14k gold, music, CD, DVD, novelties, perfume, sporting goods,
shoes, toys, tools, and watches. I continue to add wholesale
distributors every day, so the list keeps growing.

I can't guarantee that you will make "a million dollars" using
these wholesale distributors, but I will tell you that checking
out the wholesale distributors on my website will make it easier
for you to find good wholesale distributors that will help you
in your business. Finding wholesale distributors can be easy if
you know where to look, and I suggest that you look at my
website to find the ones that you want.

Or, you can go to google and type in "wholesale distributor"
and start to work. I hope that you have plenty of time and lots
of patience. You're going to need it!

About The Author: Paul Taylor is a business owner that helps
other business owners and entrepreneurs locate wholesale
distributors that will help them in their business. Visit his
website at

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