Monday 25 May 2009

Get It Together, Girl! Fashion Tips On Achieving A More Polished Look Cheaply

Have you ever taken notice of a female that just looks like
she's got it together from head to toe around the clock? It
seems that this sophisticated lady has a chic appeal that just
never stops. Even on her worst days, she turns the heads of
everyone in the room. She is a show stopping, runway bound,
fancy and stylish lady that you wish would share her brilliant
fashion tips with you. Well, the good news is that no matter
what ethnicity or social economic background you're from, you
can delight in being one of the more "polished" well-put
together women that other women love to envy. And the better
news is that the show stopping abilities don't have to come with
a costly price tag. You can achieve that "polished" look by
adhering to these 7 simple fashion tips that guarantee you
success in the workplace and lure the most desired company your

1. Preparation is key. As with most things, preparation is
essential for achieving goals. Start by planning how you want to
look or what look you desire and begin working towards that
objective. Do you want a more practical conservative look or are
you aspiring for a trendier look? Are you seeking business
casual attire or a more sleek elegant style? Whatever your
preferred style may be, plan for it and then get ready to shop.
Before you shop, make a list. List all of the basics that you
need and stick to your list, rather than going on impulsive
shopping trips. This will save time and money. Consider browsing
through some catalogs and fashion magazines to discover fashion
ideas that catch your eye. Be sure not to overkill on the same
type of pieces and colors schemes. This gives your wardrobe a
repetitive appearance. You don't want to be known around the
office as "the girl with the gray sweaters."

2. Check your closet first. Most likely, you'll find that
mixing and matching pieces and maybe adding a new piece here and
there to jazz it up can spice up most of the pieces that you
already own. Another money saver is to get rid of undesired
items in your wardrobe by having a garage sale and using the
money for more updated pieces.

3. Shop for Bargains. You don't have to compromise quality when
you bargain shop. You can find some good quality pieces at some
of the major department stores clearances, as well as TJMaxx,
Marshall's, and even Target for a fraction of the prices that
you'll find the similar pieces at expensive boutiques. Find out
the day that their new merchandise arrives, and go for it! This
will keep you from rummaging through leftovers. You will be
amazed at the treasures you'll find for a little bit of nothing.

4. The Bare Necessities. The basic necessities in your wardrobe
can make a world of difference if chosen correctly. For these
pieces, quality is a must. Most wardrobes are not complete for a
professional environment if they do not include the basics:
white blouse, blazer, jacket, black slacks, trouser jeans, black
suit, black skirt, and last but not least, the perfect little
black dress. Once you have these quality basics you can add to
them some colorful pieces and mix and match as needed. The key
is to compliment these basics by accentuating with trendy
pieces. Most importantly, avoid limiting outfits that only go
together… this will only restrict your wardrobe. Play around
with mixes and matches that achieve a new look every time.

5. Layer your Look! The layered look is definitely in! You can
piece an old blouse from your existing wardrobe with a fresh
blazer, or take a tee that you've become bored with and pair
with a sweater for a more polished look. Layering your look
always gives a more refined effect.

6. Choose clothes that look good on you. Let's face it, as much
as we'd like to, not everyone can sport every look! One
significant piece of advice is:

If you don't feel comfortable in it, chances are it's because
it is not flattering on you. Form fitting is always best for a
well-put together look. Clothes that don't fit well look
unprofessional and shabby. Discover the clothes that best
flatter your figure and stick with them. Be on the safe side,
and simply ask a friend, "How do I look?" Make sure that it is
someone who will offer honest constructive criticisms. And
always, be your worst critic!

7. Accessorize!!! Have some fun with your look by adding a few
beaded long necklaces to an otherwise plain outfit. Throw on a
big belt with those jeans on top of that long sweater! Add a
splash of color to that black suit with a playful blouse. Make
your attire enjoyable by jazzing it up with bold costume
jewelry, belts, sashes, pins, and shawls. Be creative with your
garnishes! Accessories always catch the eye and complete any

Have fun with your new-sophisticated look. Be creative, but
maintain your professionalism. Happy shopping!!!

About The Author: Donna Rice owner of which is an African American
Salon directory and Black beauty supply store

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