Friday 22 May 2009

How To Buy Plus Size Lingerie For Complement Your Curves

Plus size lingerie is available in an amazing range of styles
and colors, offering numerous choices. However, many fuller
figured women have trouble finding plus size lingerie pieces
that actually fit. Read on for a few tips on buying plus size
lingerie that actually works.

Get Measured

Although many fuller figured women are uncomfortable with their
bodies, and hesitant to let others know their size, it is very
important to push through the embarrassment. Calm your nerves by
reminding yourself that a professional sales clerk sees women
all day long of varying shapes and sizes. Though you may be
uncomfortable with your body, it is simply a normal body.

Many women who have professional measurements taken for the
first time are surprised to find that their estimates are not
even close to their true lingerie sizes. Sometimes finding a
piece that fits is as simple as trying on the proper size.

Enhance Your Assets

Which parts of your body do you like best? Most women's
measurements do not exactly fit into a specific size. If you are
between sizes, decide which part of your body you want to
enhance, and go for the pieces that best show off those assets.
Even if it doesn't precisely fit in other areas, the eye will be
naturally drawn to those areas that you like best.

Shop Plus Size Lingerie Specialists

Although most lingerie stores now carry plus size lingerie, the
size and style ranges may be limited. Additionally, the pieces
may have been designed with smaller proportions in mind, and may
not work as well on a fuller figured woman.

Plus size lingerie specialists, on the other hand, offer an
immense array of styles and colors, all designed for the unique
needs of fuller figured women. Although there are brick and
mortar plus size lingerie shops, many women find that the
internet offers a greater range of items.

Another advantage of shopping online is the ability to shop
comfortably from your own home. Many women, regardless of size,
are somewhat hesitant about walking into a lingerie store and
looking a clerk in the eye while buying sexy lingerie. Online
shopping allows you to purchase outrageously sexy plus size
lingerie with no embarrassment.

Insist on High Quality

Although finding a good deal is important, remember that your
lingerie is an investment in yourself. Lingerie gently enhances
and supports the body as well as providing a barrier between
clothes and skin. Cheap lingerie tends to stretch out and wear
down quickly, providing little support and unsightly lines.

Look for Gentle Body Sculpting

We have come a long way since the days of uncomfortable and
constricting undergarments. Today's sexy plus size lingerie
styles offer gentle body sculpting with soft, stretchy Lycra and
spandex. You will feel firmer, toned and beautiful rather than
compressed and miserable.

There is no reason for plus size lingerie shopping to be
difficult or depressing. Have proper measurements taken, and
then look around for a quality lingerie store that caters to the
unique needs of fuller figured women. The small time investment,
combined with the above tips, can help you find the pieces that
are right for you.

About The Author: Amanda Cotterill has been involved in the
erotic lingerie uk market for many years. This article outlines
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