Tuesday 26 May 2009

How To Choose Sleepwear?

How relaxing it would be to sleep in the privacy of one's home
and wearing what else but comfortable sleepwear. Every person
has at least one favorite sleepwear that he uses almost everyday
because it provides him the freedom to rest as well as to move
around just before sleeping.

Sleepwear can refer to pajamas, nightdress, shorts and
sleeveless shirts, tees or even boxer shorts for some men. Each
person has grown fond with his sleepwear that he usually carries
this fondness for that type of sleepwear even when he is already
grown up.

It is easy to just choose any drab clothing as sleepwear when a
person is still single. Take an old and torn t-shirt and it gets
a person sleeping for the night. However, a person who has a
sleeping partner should be more careful with his choice of

That sleeping buddy can be anyone from a friend during a
sleepover, a classmate during a camping trip, a superior during
an out of town meeting or even a new husband. A person should
choose his sleepwear well depending on his sleeping partner and
their intimacy.

Friends who sleep over in their houses usually favor pajamas as
sleepwear because it can still be used comfortably for some of
their other activities like watching television or midnight
snacks. An employee who goes on an out of town trip and who is
bound to share sleeping quarters either with his co-employees or
his superior will also be more comfortable wearing a pair of

These pieces of clothing are called sleepwear because they are
primarily used for sleeping. Thus, sleepwear must conform to
the conditions that will provide a person a good night's rest.
Sleepwear should be comfortable, keep the wearer in a cool and
relaxed mood and served its purposes of providing warmth to the

Sleepwear comes in different texture, color and style. There
are sleeping wears made of cotton while there are those made of
silk or satin. The cloth with which the sleepwear is made
really depends on the taste or preferences of the wearer as well
as the weather condition.

A person who lives in a country known to have winter all year
round would be more comfortable wearing sleepwear that can keep
him warm. However, a person who lives in the tropics will be
better off in sleepwear that can keep him cool like cotton.

Women however have managed to transform sleepwear from a mere
sleeping wear to a fashion statement. Sleepwear nowadays is no
longer just clothing for sleeping but also something that
reflects the mod of a woman or her fashion preferences.

It looks funny but there are women living in tropical countries
without air conditioning in their rooms wearing silky sleepwear
just for fashion purposes. They may be wearing glamorous
sleepwear but who knows how they can sleep amid the heat and
that heap of clothing?

Modern women prefer to wear sleepwear that keeps them
fashionable and sexy. Thus sleepwear that is cut fashionably
and looks sexy on anyone is the common choice among the new

But whatever type of sleepwear a person chooses he should make
sure it fits in to the purpose of wearing that clothing item
which is really to provide him a comfortable and a relaxing

About The Author: Mario Churchill is a freelance fashion writer
and former fashion editor based in New York and London and now
designs chic, sophisticated pajamas and sleepwear in modern and
retro prints. Check them out at http://www.caprirose.com.

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