Sunday 17 May 2009

How to Dress Fashionably

Every person develops individual taste for clothing in their
lifetime, one way or another. Some follow the fashion blindly,
others – carefully and deliberately. The first ones often deform
their silhouette rather funnily, while the latter manage to
emphasize their own individuality and artistry with a careful
use of fashionable details.

This is how a person develops his/her taste and finds art in

Not everyone is a natural at it and not everyone has an ability
to understand what suits them and what does not.

In that case it is very important to realize that classics,
despite the slight variation during the centuries, will always
be the foundation of elegance.

Person wearing classic clothes will be fashionable anywhere,
anytime. But it is also necessary to be careful while choosing.
It's very important that the garment fits the proportions of the
person. It often happens so that full ladies choose sharp
outfits, that emphasize the shape of the body, accents not only
the imperfections of form, but restricts the movements as well
(in the necessity of trying to look thinner, to draw the tummy
in or to wear a corset that presses the body so much it
restricts the blood circulation). How relieved must those women
feel when they get out of the costume, designed for a brief show
in public. And why can't they dress to the theatre just as
cosily and comfy as they do at home? Anyhow, disengagement of
personality is what provides the person with the real attraction
and not just for public, but for the self as well.

Therefore, one must firstly to try and fancy oneself for what's
inside - the soul, the lifestyle etc, because if there's no
harmony of soul, body and surroundings, the pursuit of external
harmony will be just a delusion.

Of course, the apparel has a lot of influence over person's
self esteem, but if you're wearing good quality clothing that
fits you well, you'll feel just as confident wherever you go as
you do at home.

That's a big contribution to the psychological comfort that we
seek so much. After all, the mood is very important for person's
behaviour and activity. Usually, comfy outfit help us feel
better while doing certain tasks, value ourselves more and gives
us the joy that we crave so much in this life.

From my own creative experience in designing dress models, I
dare to give some advice in choosing dressing style, especially
for women who find it hard to dig out the dress that suits them
well. What is suitable for young, might not always suit the
senior. Senior women, no matter how thin or full always have to
choose the robes carefully. The dress that falls down easily and
does not snug will always be a better choice. The tunic that
falls lightly – longer for high, shorter for short, will always
provide you with opportunity to look elegant. Grey, black, red
colours. You should be more careful with white.

Loose pants will match better with the tunic than the tight
ones, but you also have to pay attention to the leg length, body
proportions. I wouldn't recommend tight pants for a full woman.
Optimal pants should be a bit slinky to the bottom and waist,
then fall down lightly and narrow round the ends of shins. Such
pants will give you nice and comfy form and could be easily
matched to longer tunic or jacket.

Not all women can wear mini skirts. Mini skirts and slinky
clothes will always fit the woman of perfect proportions, of
course, and they should not have any problem finding the proper
outfit, if they only understand what's elegant, fashionable and
not too challenging.

Natural fibre clothing is becoming one of the main factors in
the elegant fashion. Normally, there's no prestige in the
clothes of synthetic fibre anymore; natural fibre – linen, wool,
silk, viscose, cotton, hemp and their combination are already
becoming the foundation in choosing the clothing.

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