Thursday 14 May 2009

How to Make Perfume

With perfumes seemingly getting more expensive by the bottle,
it's not surprising that many people are turning to making the
stuff at home. Consider that your favorite designer perfume or
cologne can run over 100 dollars, and that will probably be
enough to convince you to at least contemplate the possibilities
of producing your own unique scent. The process isn't as
daunting as you might think: here's a quick primer on what it
takes to make perfume yourself.

1. First, you have to understand exactly what goes into each
batch of high-quality perfume. Though these measurements aren't
exact, they give you a basic idea of what is necessary. Here's
the formula: approximately 25% essential oil, 70% grain alcohol
(think vodka), and 5% bottled spring water. Essential oil is
usually found in health stores, or alternatively, in craft

2. Some experimentation is needed to produce the scent that
appeals most to you. The most important factor that will
determine what your perfume smells like is the choice of
essential oil. A well stocked store will have a variety of
options, so choose a couple of bottles that sound and smell
appealing, and make that your base. Mix ¼ cup of your grain
alcohol with approximately 5 drops of the essential oil, and set
the mixture aside. The longer you wait, the more powerful your
perfume will be. That said, make sure you wait at least 2 days
if you're looking for something that won't smell like straight

3. Now that you've made your first simple batch of perfume,
you're ready to start combining scents to make your own
signature perfume. This is where the process becomes
individualized, and where you'll have the chance to showcase
your creative and imaginative prowess.

4. Understand the basic chemistry behind creating fragrances.
Base notes are the compounds that will stay on your skin for the
longest. These oils include common scents such as sandalwood,
vanilla, and cinnamon. Next come middle notes, a group that
includes geranium, ylang-ylang, and lemongrass. Finally, top
notes add a powerful punch to the fragrance, but don't last
quite as long as the other two kinds of notes. These top notes
include jasmine, rose, and lavender, among many others.

5. If you're not the adventurous type, you can search out
different recipes for perfume online. There are many different
sites that will give you ideas that you can follow to a letter,
or else morph into your own specialty perfume.

Making perfume at home is fun, and a much more economical
alternative to purchasing fragrances in a department or
specialty store. You don't have to spend a ton of money to find
a scent that will make you stand out. Experiment with different
scents in the privacy and comfort of your own home, and soon
you'll have a signature scent that will make you stand out from
the crowd. It's possible that you'll even create a scent so
wonderful that others will look to you for shaping their unique

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