Sunday 17 May 2009

How To Take Care Of Your Jewelries

People, particularly women love jewelries. They admire it, wear
it and they would always feel beautiful while flaunting it. All
types of jewelry need to be taken care of to maintain that glow
and luster. Though durable and strong, these pieces of
accessories are exposed to a lot of things daily that can make
it dull and old. Now, how do you make them beautiful and
sparkling for many years to come? Below are some tips you should
follow to make your jewelry looking at its best always.

Tip #1: Make it a habit to clean your jewelries

There are many jewelry cleaners and polishers available in the
market. Nevertheless, when you choose a cleaner, make sure that
these cleaners are specially made for the type of gemstone or
metal your jewelry is made of. Not all cleaners can be used for
all types of metals and gemstones. There are cleaners created
for metals such as silver and gold but are not recommended to be
used in gemstones.

They have the instructions and directions printed on their
label so read them before using the commercial cleaners. If you
are not sure of the cleaner you bought, it would be safer to
just clean your jewelries with water and mild soap. This
combination works most of the time and be sure to keep it dry
before storing.

Tip #2: Keep your jewelries away from harsh chemicals

Any jewelry item can be damaged from chemical exposure. Look
around your kitchen and you will find numerous household
cleaners that will discolor your precious items. The Tile Bowl
cleaner is made of HCL or Hydrochloric Acid. This Acid will etch
silver and low quality gold in no time. The mildew cleaner is
made up of Chlorine; this will also tarnish your jewelry
especially silver. The ordinary glass cleaner may look harmless
but indeed the cleaning agent ammonia which it is made of will
affect gold.

Tip #3: Keep your jewelries segregated

Jewelries have different designs and metal hardness, not to
mention gemstones that are synthetic and natural. Never keep
them in one place only. The friction will easily cause them to
have scratches all over due to regular tossing. When you look
for a ring buried and tangled with other bracelet and necklace,
that will result to minute scratches that become visible in no

Tip #4: Always wear your jewelries last

Never put on your jewelries first when you are preparing for
work or school. People, especially women love to wear perfume or
use body lotion. These things leave residue that may build up on
jewelries and can make cleaning more challenging to do. So
before you put them on, make sure that you have applied beauty
products long before to allow drying time.

These are easy-to-follow steps with long lasting benefits
although many jewelry owners seem to ignore them. Jewelries are
bought not only for beauty and elegance but as investment as
well. So, don't put your investment to waste. Give your
jewelries the extra care and you will enjoy them more in the
coming years.

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