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Perfume - The Six Common Fragrance Groups

For men, as well as some women, finding the perfect perfume can
be a stressful, time-consuming experience. . If you familiarize
yourself with the six basic fragrance groups, you will not only
save time, but also make your shopping experience more
enjoyable. The following paragraphs will discuss the six common
fragrance groups when it comes to perfume in order to assist you
in finding the right perfume with more ease.

The floral category is the largest and most popular scent for
perfumes. These scents are made mainly from different varieties
of flowers. These varieties include roses, orange blossoms,
vanilla and jasmine. Other flowers are also used, including
different varieties of lilies and orchids.

The oriental category of perfume scents represents a relatively
large group of scents, as well. These scents include heavy
mixtures of spices, balsams, resins, and amber helping to
suggest a warm, exotic sensation. This category is very popular
during wintertime, and colder months of the year because of its
heavy, musky traits.

The citrus category of perfume scents are derived from
different fruits. These fruits can include lime, lemon
tangerine and mandarin

This often creates a tangy aroma women find refreshing, as well
as uplifting. This category of perfume scent is most popular
during warm months.

This category of perfume scents was given its name by the
French. It tends to create a strong feeling and are made from
many different wood-moss mixes. These are often earthly aromas,
such as oak moss, bergamot and other types of wood and wood moss

Perfumes falling in the Chypre category of sent are most
generally strong, earthly scents.

Although it can be hard to describe the scent of a color, this
is a real category of perfume scents. Perfumes falling into
this category of scents tend to be sharp, outdoor scents. This
includes the scents of pine, juniper, leaves and herbs

Lavender and cocoa are also examples of green scents.

The Fougere category of perfume scents is most common among
men. These aromas are usually created from herbs and mossy
ferns. Perfumes that fall into this category normally come
together in a very sophisticated style. While men typically
where scents that fall into this category, there are popular
perfumes for women that fall into this category as well.
Most every fragrance retailer will make you think their perfume
is a totally new scent, all scents are likely to fall into one
of these six categories.

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