Wednesday 20 May 2009

Relationship Articles Can Often Provide Very Helpful Advice

Anyone who has been in a relationship knows that there are ups
and downs. There are days when you'll love one another to death
and then there are occasions when you'll hate one another to
DEATH. There are no two ways about it. This is the norm when it
comes to relationships. Unless the two of you are literally
identical in every way, there will be arguments. And if someone
actually tells you that he/she never argues with his/her spouse
or significant other, one of two things are relevant; either
they've only been dating briefly, or there is a lack of
communication between them. Trust me; I've seen the
happy-go-lucky chipper couples, who act like everything is
kosher. They commonly have the most problems. But, have no fear!
There are many relationship articles and books to aid you in the
relationship process these days. You're definitely not alone on
this one.

I've read a few relationship articles and studies in my day. My
favorite material to read regarding relationships is psychology
from the old guys. You know who I mean. Freud is by far my
favorite. While some of the issues addressed and analyzed by
these "geniuses" seems valid and insightful, other aspects fail
to earn my respect. I mean come on; some of this old psych 101
stuff is just good for a laugh. On the other hand, I have taken
two psychology courses in the past and they have helped me some
with my relationship skills. These sort of relationship articles
help us to understand ourselves and how our significant others
must see us. In turn we're able to relate and compromise more
efficiently. Well, that's my opinion anyway. I think a
psychology class can benefit virtually anyone.

There is hardly a need to hit up your public library for
intense relationship articles in this day and age. You can find
a deluge of these in current magazines. Just take your pick!
There are tons of women's magazines as well as a few for men.
Notice how the appeal steers more toward the softer sex. They
clearly care more about making a relationship better. Wow, maybe
we men should get off our bums. Then again, women like reading
relationship articles, right?

About The Author: Ann Merier writes articles about health and
family Issues.

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