Monday 25 May 2009

Tips For Getting a Mobile Spray Tan

In recent years a safer alternative to regular tanning using
sun-beds or tanning booths has become the way to ensure a
year-round tan. It is the number of cases of skin cancer caused
by too much exposure to the sun that has lead to this rise in
alternative but safer tanning methods. Luckily for consumers, a
safer and more convenient alternative has been developed in the
form of mobile spray tanning, where a speciialist will visit
your home or office to administer your tan.

This tanning method is the fastest growing artificial tanning
and is generally carried out at a beauty salon, though can also
be done in the privacy of your own home. While sun tan creams
and lotions have been popular for many years, the spray tanning
seems to give a more consistent and natural looking color.
Combined with the experience of the person administering your
spray tan, you can usually get much more natural looking results
than self-applied remedies.

With the popularity of mobile spray tanning increasing, home
tanning systems using the new spray technology have been
developed and are gaining wide acceptance. Now, while various
methods of artificial tanning may differ, a good guide to
getting a good finish works with most of them.

To ensure a good clean body surface to work with, you will need
to remove any dead skin by exfoliation. The last thing you want
is to have dead skin dropping off and leaving lighter patches
where it once was. Once that stage has been completed, the body
needs to be moisturized all over.

Before applying a tan from a bottle or cream, ensure you are
wearing gloves or the orange palms that will follow will give
the game away. Sometimes it's just better to allow a
professional to apply the tan for you - especially with spray
tans. If you are doing it yourself, apply lighter coats on the
joints of your fingers, your knees, and your elbows as these
areas will appear darker if you do not and the same applies to
your feet.

When a spray tanning system is used a towel will be needed to
wipe of any excess which could cause a streak. Don't wiggle
around a lot after applying the self tanning agent, remaining as
motionless as possible will help to ensure an even tan.

Tanning agents of all types will leave stains on your clothing
almost as soon as you put them on so consider what you intend to
wear one you have finished. Dark clothing is obviously the best
choice as even if it does stain, it won't notice so readily and
you won't have to throw the clothing out. To get the most from
your artificial tan, follow these guidelines and you won't go
far wrong.

Don't forget that getting a tan with from a professional mobile
spray tanning company will increase your chances of a better
outcome. A lot of them are a lot cheaper than you would think

About The Author: Don't forget that there are many places that
offer a professional mobile spray tan. The experience and
professionalism of an experienced spray tan practitioner will
help ensure that you will get a natural and beautuful tan that
meets all of your expectations.

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